>Thrift Store Scores

>So I hit the Salvation Army last Friday and I think that I was making up for lost time! Since I live an hour away from my favorite S.A. I don’t get there as much as I used to. I ended up spending $48 even though most everything I bought was half off. I should be ashamed of myself but I’m not. Here is my haul! I’m still not quite sure how I got my total that high but, hey, it goes to a charity anyway, right?

This one will go on Ebay. As soon as it is the only one of its kind.

Isn’t this cute? This is on Ebay now.

So is this salt shaker and pepper grinder. Aren’t they cute??

Pink fitted sheet. This will become….something. Who knows?

Another pink sheet. This one has a future very similar to the one above it.

I just love this sheet. Really, really love it. Its on its way to becoming an apron. Or two if I can manage.

Hehe, brown with sunflowers. So happy for such a drab color.

I took the scissors to this one before remembering to photograph! It started as a hippie style maxi dress. That yellow was the front of the dress. Kind of a full length bib. Hideous. But I so love the ladybugs. I think I must have picked this one up 3 times before it finally went into the cart.

This skirt is not just a quilted pattern, it really is quilted! This will most likely become a tote or two.

This pajama top has such a sweet pattern and it is so soft.

Another sweet floral print.

I got this for the skirt’s checker pattern. So cheery! It reminds me of a picnic tablecloth.

I have been having so much fun with upcycles lately, I cannot wait to transform this clothing haul!

>Milk Painted Jewelry Box

>Hey Everyone! I have been experimenting with milk paint lately. My current obsession began when I began seeing a lot of chalk paint in blog land. As a hardcore DIYer I thought that maybe I could find my own recipe for chalk paint. I couldn’t but I did find recipes for milk paint. There are two types of milk paint, one made with lime and the other with borax. I used borax because this is what I have in the house. For the color I swiped some of my daughter’s acrylic paints. There are plenty of recipes on the net, if you try this just find the recipe easiest for you. I tried the milk paint on a jewelry box that I scored for a dollar from a recent garage sale. This box was handmade back in ’83.

The original box. The drawers were lined with red felt.

 I first removed the hardware then sanded the whole thing down.

One drawer with the paint, one without. I purposely kept the paint very transparent so that you can still see the woodgrain. For an opaque paint, use white color in addition to your preferred color when tinting the paint.

Here is the paint. Pink!

 After painting, I lined the drawers with some cute scrapbook paper.

And here she is. Pretty in pink! You can see how crooked this box is.
I left the back as is so that we can see who made the box.

For a dollar and some old milk, this turned out pretty well, don’t ya think?

>Show and Share Sunday

>Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. I was playing invisible baby again. For those of you who haven’t seen the invisible baby joke yet, this is when I work with baby clothes to list onto Ebay. I get to play with super cute baby clothes without the commitment and 2 am wake up cries! I have a lot of clothes that I purchased at garage sales last weekend. I spent some time with washing, stain removal, ironing and photographing last week. Today I had the clothes split into different lots depending of season and size.  And, here is how they show up on Ebay now:

That cute white, green and black dress is Ralph Lauren. It has RL Polo team details on it.

I love that little skirt with Popsicles and ice creams on it.

Do ya love the Disney booty pants?

That sleeper in the middle is so thick and cozy.

I just love those little dress onesies.

Now its your turn, show me what ya got! Show me your successes, your failures, cool projects and finds, this is the place! Please link only your specific post and anything goes. And, please grab a button and display it somewhere. I still get a giggle when I go to your blog and see my button there 🙂


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>Apron Upcycle Project

>Hey Everyone! I had a dress in my stash of thrifted items that has been hanging around and teasing me for quite some time with its generous fullness of the skirt (= lots of fabric) and the cute print. I just love navy and white together! It can be formal or it can be casual and fun. My inspiration for this apron is a sweet, fluttery apron in a funky ’70s print that I found recently at the local thrift store. As I worked with this apron I could tell that it was handmade, not store bought.

I thought that with the right fabrics I could bring this style of apron up to the current century.

Here is the inspiration. A handmade apron from the ’70s.
Here I am with the bathroom mirror model of this apron. I think I look fairly perky considering that I did this at about        11 pm,

I cut a pocket from the leg of an old pair of jeans. The top is actually the side seam of the leg. I think that if I had tried to sew the actual pocket I would have gone through more than a few needles on the machine. I added my own applique to the pocket. If you have never made your own applique you can see how to do it here.


My intention is for this pocket to fray a bit on the edges.

I used some wide bias tape, folded in half and ironed, for the apron tie. I used white thread and sewed the entire perimeter of  the tape while sewing it to the apron.

Can you see the bias tape in this photo?

This was my first apron and I can see the mistakes here. It won’t be going onto my Etsy shop, I think that I will keep her and give her love in my own kitchen <3.

P.S. My sister said that I should make this same apron using satin and lace and make it “naughty”. What do you think? I’m sure that I can come up with some thrifted prom and/or wedding dresses and really glam it up (or trash it up, lol).

>Picnic Basket Makeover


Hey Everyone! Do you all have plans for the weekend? Do they involve picnics? When I hit the garage sales last Saturday I came across this lovely.

Cute like it is. But kinda boring.

The man selling this kept yelling ” A dollar for that!” every time someone picked something up. Didn’t matter what it was. Unless it was one of his power tools. Darn! I could definitely snap up some power tools for a dollar, right? But I grabbed this baby and she’s pretty cool. I gave her a coat of yellow on the body.

Not too much different yet. Just a bit lighter.

Then a coat of navy on the top. I was in a bit of a nautical mood. I am envisioning this basket going to the beach with me. So that I didn’t spoil the yellow paint I slipped in a piece of cardboard to catch the outside paint.

How convenient that Chris had beer in the fridge. I was able to swipe this cardboard.

After a couple of coats and a bit of drying time she was ready to party!

All ready for a front yard picnic.

She’s pretty roomy in there. I think that a bottle of wine and some snacks will fit just fine.

All set to go! Now where is that wine??

I do love the contrast between the dark blue and the light yellow.

Bon apetite!

Here is something else that I got for a dollar. I am almost done with the makeover. I just need to go to the craft store when I make my trip over the hill and pick up some scrapbook paper to finish her up. Anyone who can guess what can be done with nonfat milk and borax gets a brownie point 😉

Sneaky peek!

>DIY Appliques


Hey Everyone! I have spent yesterday evening and a good part of today playing around with some thrifted dresses. Not in the way that I usually do. No light gauzy scarf and no upcycled tote this time. This time I cut the patterns out of the fabric and made my own appliques. Its work but its fun work. Here is how to make your own DIY appliques:

You start with a fabric with a pattern that you love. The fabric that I used had a great island print with hibiscus flowers on it. Roughly cut out your pieces. The fine detail cutting will come later. When you have your pieces cut you will then need to iron them.

Freshly ironed pattern.

I had several pieces so I strategically placed them on a piece of Heat and Bond paper, placing them close together so as not to waste any paper. This paper is available by the roll and is very easy to use. Once I had my pieces in place I ironed only the middle of the pattern in order make it stick. This means that cutting around the flower will be much, much easier.

Be careful with the ironing! I stickied up the iron quite a bit before I perfected this little technique.

Now that the flower is in place I cut the excess bond paper off.

Almost an applique.

Once the excess is removed, place the (dry, no steam) iron onto the pattern for 8 seconds. Don’t move the iron back and forth, this will make the pattern slip from the paper.

Heating the pattern onto the paper.

After ironing, the applique will be very hot. I use my scissors to pick it up to move it out of the way.

Hot, hot, hot!

After the appliques cool down then you are ready to do your detail trimming. Then comes the most fun part! Find something that needs an iron-on applique, peel the paper backing and put the applique into place. Place a dry, hot iron onto the applique for 2 seconds, again not moving the iron. Voila, you are done!

Island print onesie.
Bootie flower!

At this point you can leave it like it is or you can embroider some detail onto it or give some other fun finishing detail.

>Baby Girl Clothes

>     Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th! We stayed home and had a barbeque and swim party for just my household. The four of us had so much fun in the pool, horsing around and having splash fights in the water. We went to the evening fireworks show and brought the dogs with us. Leaving them home was not an option as they became so panicked at the neighbors fireworks and firecrackers, they were a danger to themselves (as well as a danger to my house!). It was a good day and everyone stayed out of trouble 😉
     On Saturday Chris and I hit a bunch of garage sales over the weekend. I bought a bunch of baby girl clothes to list on Ebay. I had recently read that a lot of people do well with baby clothes on Ebay and I figured that it was a pretty safe experiment as I didn’t spend too much on the clothing. I plan to list them this weekend coming up. I have learned that if I list something at midnight on Tuesday night, I am likely going to miss most last minute bidders. I am shooting for Saturday morning or afternoon to do my listings. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love the kitty cat over the polka dots on this onesie.

There were a bunch of these type of dresses – a dress over a onesie.

This guitar onesie is the cutest, don’t ya think?

This little ducky dress has matching hot pants. So cute!

Orange County Choppers onesie.

Love the bright pink on this cute cowgirl onesie.

This preemie sized pj is the absolute cutest!!

Another onesie dress.

This dress reminds me of something my daughter used to wear.

      I actually had some fun playing with these clothes! Some of them came to me with stains. With some stain stick and some bleach, I got a lot of the stains out,

>Show and Share Sunday

>     Happy Sunday Everyone! Saturday for me was spent going to garage sales in the morning. I picked up 68 items of baby clothing (strangely enough, it was all for baby girls). For, get this, only $11! There were lots of 5, 10 and 25 cent pieces. I have spent the evening washing them and removing stains so that I can list these on Ebay.
      The other thing keeping me busy today was cleaning up my back patio. This just meant moving furniture around and sweeping up fallen leaves. I had to wait until the sun went down because it was so dang hot here today, we saw 103 degrees. To show, I have photos of my veggies, which are doing very well (mostly).

These are some very late tomato seedlings. Several of them wilted in the heat.
This is my very haphazard succulent container. My neighbor had uprooted all of these plants and gave them to me. There was no rhyme or reason for the way I planted them, I was just sticking them into the dirt…..

My yellow crookneck squash. There are 3 plants here. When I got them, 3 plants in the 6 pack were dead. I asked for a discount and they gave them to me for free. They are blossoming now, yay!

My tomatoes. There are 3 plants here as well. There is also a basil plant hiding in back. These tomatoes were on clearance, they were getting too old.

I’d like to get the patio finished today so that the family can use it all day for July 4th!

Now its your turn, show me what ya got! Show me your successes, your failures, cool projects and finds, this is the place! Please link only your specific post and anything goes. And, please grab a button and display it somewhere. I still get a giggle when I go to your blog and see my button there 🙂


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>Plant Stand to Dish Stand

>Hey Everyone! Debbiedoos is having a magazine copycat challenge! I’ve always tried to be a trendsetter, not a follower so this magazine is my dirty little secret….100 ideas flea market style, a Better Homes and Gardens publication. I soooooo love this magazine! Its full of creative ideas. Here is the copycat challenge that I chose. (Some of you may have seen this before in my posts)

Copycat idea.

The Crafty Geordi version. I found the plant stand for 50 cents at a garage sale.

Stacked on the stand are my American Limoges Platinum pattern dishes.

And my Oneida Community silverplate flatware.

The stand and the water pitcher were both freshened up with my red tractor spray paint.

So weird, they look like they’re floating on the table!

So what do you think? Mine is missing the middle shelf. This makes that middle area good for hanging little things like napkin holders or silverware, as shown above.

>Upcycled Floral Tote

>Happy Friday everyone! I have a busy one planned! I am finishing a $5 desk project. I got the poor desk from a garage sale, it had water damage and cracked legs. Now we are almost finished with her. I have also been signing up with a few places to be a mystery shopper. Sounds fun, right? From what I have been reading, its not that fun and you don’t get to tote your kids along. But it pays. And, in the end, you might end up with some free stuff. It seems a good way to get paid for things that you might be doing anyway.
Here is what this post is really about:

My newest upcycle – Floral tote.

I used some denim that I have had in the stash for about 15 years. I have actually hauled this with me through 5 moves. It really should have gone in the giveaway pile years ago so this counts as an upcycle. Right? I used the selvage edge for the top of the bag. Its already frayed and very stable. For the flower I used this:

Pieces from an old skirt. I put ’em through the ruffler.

I cut several long pieces of fabric from part of an old skirt. I then hemmed all of the edges. After hemming, I put them through my ruffler foot. I’ll tell ya, that ruffle foot was hard to figure out (they don’t come with instructions) but now that I know how it works, I am  a BIG fan. After I ruffled, I laid these into a flower pattern on a circle of denim, pinned into place and sewed the flower on. I didn’t want all of the wonky stitching to be visible from the inside of the bag, that is why I used the denim backing. I then sewed this onto the bag. I tacked the real floppy parts of the flower so it would retain its shape.

The flower doesn’t flop due to small stitches holding it in place in certain spots.

I used soft nylon rope for the handles. I just knotted the ends (knot first then cut. also, cut between two knots. that way the rope won’t unravel) then used a lighter to melt the edge so it won’t fray.

The blue detail is quilt binding.

The inner blue flower is also quilt binding.

I used this flower sort of like a button or a tuft. I sewed all the way through the layers of this side of the bag, to help attach the backing to the bag.

I suppose I should hire someone to photograph me through the process, so that I can give a proper tutorial…..I get so into my projects that I don’t bother to pick up the camera…..