>More Weekend Projects

>Hello Crafty People!

     It’s Sunday morning and I hope everyone is having a good weekend. As for me, I went out Friday night, saw a couple of up and coming country singers, Craig Campbell and Frankie Ballard. If your are into country (and even if you’re not), you should definitely check these guys out.

Craig Campbell
Frankie Ballard

I got home at about 2:15am and even though I got up at 10:00am, I just don’t recover the way I did when I was in my 20’s. So, I ended up blowing off the housework in favor of some easy crafts.

I found this animal print nightgown at the Salvation Army. It is a nice, stretchy cotton blend so if I change this up, it is good for daytime.

I cut this nightgown in the middle and using my green paisly skirt as a template, I took in the sides to create a more A shaped skirt. I sewed the sides together and turned over the waist to hem and add elastic. The bottom was already hemmed so that eliminated a whole step! The skirt is cute and sexy without being overpowering. It will go well with a black, white or brown top. I also have a brown cardi that will look great with this on a chilly morning.
I purposely left the back longer to eliminate the pregnant butt effect. ‘Cuz I do have a big bootie…
If you want to make your own without stalking the thrift stores, you could try these from Fabric.com:
Kwick Sew Gathered Skirt Pattern
Minky Jaguar Tan/Brown
I have this great antique door that my friend gave me. I had planned to make a table from it but changed my mind because of the detailing. I didn’t want to cover it with a tablecloth! I ended up leaning this against my wall (anchored with picture wire and a molly bolt in the wall). I think I will add some molding to hold keys, etc, and a mirror. Any other ideas, anyone?

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