>Pink! Pink! Pink!

>je     Hello Crafty People!

     I love all things pink. Maybe I am reconnecting with my little girl self after spending many years eschewing dresses, the color pink and other girlie stuff. But, now I love it, especially in the more royal and darker shades. For example, this necklace below. I got it from the clearance rack at Fashion Bug and I wear it weekly now. Today it is paired with a black sweater, a black skirt and silver sandals.

I love this necklace so much that I am inspired to try to create some of my own, not necessarily in pink. I bought me some supplies and, hopefully this week, I will have something cool to show off.
In these next pictures, I am not inspired to do much (except to maybe spray paint my boyfriend’s white ’67 Mustang a bright pink). But, this was a work of art…..

This actually looks more maroon-ish than it really was.

The detail was pretty awesome.

Yay for Pink!
Okay, enough fun stuff. Time to get back to work!  😉

Happy Crafting!


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