>Skirt from a Dress – Floral

>Hello Crafty People!

     One of my treasures that I found at the Salvation Army this past Friday was this cute green floral dress. Okay, the style wasn’t so cute but the pattern is. This dress is a throwback from the ’90’s, sleeveless with a back tie and a high waist. I tried it on and although it “fit”, it highlighted all the wrong curves.

     I put the dress on and, looking in the mirror, decided what length would look best. I cut the skirt off, adding an inch at the top so I could turn it to sew in the elastic.
This was really super easy. I measured the elastic around my waist for a real custom fit. I then pinned into the waist of the skirt in four places equal distance apart. Then I stretched the elastic and pinned into the skirt in several places between the original four pins. I machine sewed directly onto the elastic, stretching the elastic as I went along so the fabric would pucker evenly with the elastic. Here is the finished project.

I made it knee length because it has a rather long slit in the back. I like it knee length, I think it skims over my hips just right. It will look great with my denim blazer!
If you want to get this look without stalking the thrift stores, you might try this rayon fabric from Fabric.com.

Stretch Rayon Blend Jersey Knit Floral Turquoise
Stretch Rayon Blend Jersey Knit Floral Turquoise

The Bossa Nova skirt is now a free pattern dowload! 
    Bossa Nova Skirt
Happy Crafting!                                          

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