>Lighting for the Living Area

>Hello Everyone!

     We have all heard or read about how important good lighting is to set the mood in a room. My new great room is sadly lacking in good lighting.

     I have my black hanging light over the dining room table (just to the right of what is pictured in the photo) which throws strong light. But, it still leaves the left side of the room in the dark. I have a charming iron lamp in the corner but to tell the truth, it is only good for reading. If you are sitting on that end of the sofa. I hardly ever turn it on.
     I am thinking that I could hang a light with a long cord, rather than installing one in the ceiling. And, I have this ’70’s-licious hanging light that I found at the boyfriend’s house.


Here is my thought for this light

     I’m not sure, though. I get the feeling that, even with a new coat of paint that it will get, it might look to heavy and bulky for the room.
     Help!! Do I re-do this one? Black or green? Or, should I buy a fancy-schmancy chandelier that I could hang pretty beads from?

Hardware House 543645 Madrid 25-by-20-Inch Chandelier, Antique Bronze

     Everyone, please advise!


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