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>Hi Everyone!

     Who is a fan of art? I was super into two dimensional art when I was in high school and college. I sketched, painted and pen and ink was my absolute favorite. 

My brightest art moment. I did this 23 years ago.


But, I didn’t keep up with the art. Luckily for me, there are people who do! Like Fifi Flowers. Hop over to Art by Karena to check out her cool Fifi Flowers giveaway. Good luck!

Isn’t this beautiful? It would be perfect in my home!

>Who Loves Horsies? And Kids Riding Horsies?

>Hi Everyone

     Check out the sweet little girl in the photo directly under Rebekah Children’s Services. I work with this sweetheart every Sunday. I cannot say any more due to confidentiality laws, although I wish I could!
     She is just one of many children and adults receiving services from DreamPower Horsemanship. Due to the recession, donations have been down. Even so, DreamPower has been expanding its services, the newest ones being Horses for Heroes and Horse Power Group for Adults Living With Cancer. We really need your help! DreamPower is asking for donations to help fund these programs and to feed the horses who make it all possible.
     Even if you cannot donate, please find some space in your blog, your Facebook page or on Twitter to repost this and get the word out. Please go to Facebook and look up DreamPower Horsemanship. Hit “Like” and please share this with your family and friends. A million thanks to all of you!
     Please continue to scroll down after reading the newsletter for DreamPower photos.

Horses for Heroes

A couple of heroes!

Lexie the cookie monster!
T.C. and Rocky. T.C. recently left us at the age of 27.

Written by Martha on October 5, 2010:

Heartfelt thanks to Ron Woolf, who donated 8 stacks (480 bales or one semi-truck load of hay) to DreamPower today. That’s approximately 52,800 pounds or more than 26 tons of hay. Thank you, Ron, for your wonderful generosity! Here is a photo of Garry Stauber with the donated hay.

>Teal Necklace


Hi Everyone!

     Tonight I made a quickie necklace. These are great for Christmas (or birthday) gifts because they are inexpensive and easy to make and the results are so good! I used shell beads from the Salvation Army (remember the sneaky peak?) necklace that I took apart.

I used shells from both white necklaces.

      I also used teal beads and silver oval beads and strung them in a pattern. I made another string with just the teal beads and white shells. Both strings were attached to a jump ring on each end, held in place using crimp beads. Since this necklace doesn’t have beads going all the way around, I used two ribbons, teal and white, and tied the ends to the jump rings and the other ends will tie the necklace. This makes the necklace adjustable and pretty at the same time. And, hopefully it won’t catch the baby hairs on the back of my neck 😉     That makes me nuts! I burned the raw edges of the ribbons so that the ends won’t fray.

Easy necklace!

     Here is how we spent Friday. This teak hutch has been in the garage since we moved into this house. We re-arranged some furniture and Chris had the genius idea to put the hutch against this wall in the living room, instead of the bedroom like I had planned. I pulled out the Christmas dishes and put them on the shelves. I love it here. It is so festive next to the tree.

     Have you (or your family member) had an unexpected bright idea with furniture placement?

>Soap Rocks

>Hi Everyone!

     Today I was making Christmas gifts for family. I have always loved making glycerin soaps and I had been looking forward to making these today. I purchase my glycerin at Michael’s craft store. I have found a recipe to make my own glycerin…..someday I will do this. But for now, the block glycerin works just fine. In addition to the glycerin, I had some color and essential oil to add.

     I made several colors and three different scents. I made Wakey Soap and Sleepy Soap. The Wakey Soaps were made with either peppermint scent or orange scent. The Sleepy Soap was made with lavender.
     Here is how I did them:

Melt the soap base. Microwave or double boiler.
Add color and fragrance. I used between 3 to 5 drops of color, mixing the colors as needed. 6 drops of fragrance for 4 melted cubes of soap base.
Normally you would pour the melted soap into a mold. I have very little patience for the molds, I like my rocks. Let the soap cool a bit, until its cool enough to handle. Then, take a small handful and roll between palms to make a ball.

That’s it! Soap rocks.

     I love these soap rocks, they are so easy to use. Easy to roll through the hands when using. A good size for little hands!

>Giveaway and Picture Hanging

>Hi Everyone!

     As promised, I drew a name for my first giveaway. Rachel of * French Farmhouse 425 * is the winner of this one. Congrats, Rachel! Thank you to everyone who entered, I appreciate your taking the time to show the love
 😉   Rachel, please shoot me an email with your mailing address.

     I have had very little time for any crafts so far on this long weekend. Funny, that was all I really had planned. But, then the mess in the garage started calling my name. And, I realized that 6 months of not hanging my pictures in my home is a bit long. So, that’s what I did today. I hung lots of kids pictures and the art and photographs that I have collected over the years. I also hung some of my autographs. I am a total nerd when it comes to live country music and I have stalked met lots of these artists, including Chris Cagle, Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean and Jason Michael Carroll. All of these guys (and girls) that I’ve met have all been so nice. I figured that it was time to bring these out of hiding so that they can be enjoyed. Some of my signed playlists went into a large poster frame. I also found some cool saloon doors at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore. I hung these doors and hung my signed CD inserts on the slats of the doors.

Aren’t those doors cool?

Notice the end of the hallway. This is my laundry area. The doors were way too awkward so I removed them and hung these awesome brown curtains.

Krisey and Kelly of Bomshel, Rodney Atkins, Clay Walker, Bucky Covington, Aaron Benward, Brian McComas, Anthony Smith and James Otto

Danny Gokey, Jason Michael Carroll, Chris Cagle, Joey + Rory and Jason Aldean

     Is anyone else as nerdy as I am?

>Kickoff to the Christmas Season

>Hi Everyone!

     To all of my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is the “official” start of the Christmas season. As soon as I wake up from my turkey coma, I plan to re-arrange some furniture so I can fit our Christmas tree into the living room. I cannot wait, I am so excited to decorate for Christmas in my new house.
     Here is a little something to get into the mood. I found this beautiful girl at the Salvation Army last night. She was only $5.50 and not even 50% off of the price this time. She did have a few stains on her though.

I’ve already begun working on the stains.

There were light rust colored stains all over the white dress.

     I used Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach and a Q-tip to to dab the bleach onto the stains. I dabbed the bleach on, let it sit for a minute then used another Q-tip soaked in water to rinse the fabric.

It is hard to photograph all of this white on white!

     I then used a paper towel to pull off the extra water.

     That was it! My new stain free Christmas angel.

Stain free!

     Here is a random photo. Sandy is so happy to have the family home!

Lazy Sandy. Enjoying the warm house on a chilly day.

     I was not asked to promote these products nor was I paid for doing so. If you decide to purchase one of these products, please click on the link and support Crafty Geordi. Thank you!


>Wool, wool, wool

>Hi Everyone

     I am still playing with wool. I have bags of it in my dining room now, I need to stop buying any more until I use what I have! Hmmm. That might be hard. What I have been working on right now are from a brown lambswool sweater and a tan cashmere sweater. The cashmere is divine against the skin! Except, it was unflattering to wear as a sweater. It needed to become something else.

Cashmere arm warmers!

with a hand embroidered flower

     The brown sweater turned out to have a few moth holes. That’s okay, I came up with a different idea.

Brown horsey

Haha, horses don’t really sit like this.

The brown horsey inspiration, Missy. Aka, Old Lady.

     Look for more arm warmers on my Etsy shop soon! Maybe these tan cashmere ones. If I don’t keep them for myself…..
   To those who celebrate,

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

>Fall – California Style

>Hi Everyone

     I spent the weekend madly cleaning house and working with that pile of sweaters that I showed you on Friday. Alas, I have nothing to show yet. I will admit to being easily distracted and I have a bunch of unfinished things as I tend to move from one to the next without actually finishing the first.

     So, I thought I could show off what is happening here in Santa Clara, California.

This is the view from my window. Can you see the little guy in the branch on the left?

Now, can you see him?
My blue heron buddy.
He sat there for a while, sunning himself and watching the action below.

>20 Questions

>Hi Everyone!

Wanna play? I found this at Meet Me At Mikes. I always love answering these questions and I especially love seeing other’s answers! Please, comment with a link to yours.

  1. Sweet or Savoury?
  2. Dresses or Jeans?
  3. House or Apartment?
  4. Shop Online or Offline?
  5. DVDs or Downloads?
  6. Cocktails or Juice?
  7. Chocolate or Strawberry?
  8. Laptop or PC?
  9. Magazines or Newspapers?
  10. Facebook or Twitter?
  11. CDs or MP3s?
  12. Kids or Pets?
  13. Macaron or Cupcakes?
  14. Walk or Run?
  15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out?
  16. Market or Supermarket?
  17. Sourdough or Grainy?
  18. Heels or Flats?
  19. Late nights or Not?
  20. Coffee or Tea?
  1. Sweet or Savoury? I have an enormous sweet tooth!
  2. Dresses or Jeans? Both. But, I am more comfortable in skirts, actually. Its just easier.
  3. House or Apartment? House. I am way too noisy for neighbors to be that close!
  4. Shop Online or Offline? Both. Salvation Army doesn’t have an online store. Big fan of Amazon, though.
  5. DVDs or Downloads? Downloads. Netflix, to be exact.
  6. Cocktails or Juice? Cocktails, baby. Lets have one now, its 5 o’clock somewhere, right?
  7. Chocolate or Strawberry? Diehard chocolate fan. Strawberries dipped in chocolate is good…..
  8. Laptop or PC? Cannot curl up on the couch with a PC.
  9. Magazines or Newspapers? Magazines. I am waiting for my new subscription to come in.
  10. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I just don’t “get” Twitter.
  11. CDs or MP3s? XM radio and Pandora.com
  12. Kids or Pets? Both. And, the kids and pets looooove each other.
  13. Macaron or Cupcakes? I wish! I have celiac disease + multiple food allergies. Both are a no-no. 
  14. Walk or Run? Walk. Or, drive.
  15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out? Breakfast in. It seems wrong to be spending $$ so early in the day.
  16. Market or Supermarket? Both. Produce market for the fruits and veggies, supermarket for everything else.
  17. Sourdough or Grainy? Neither. See #13.
  18. Heels or Flats? Flats. I have several pairs of heels that just don’t get no lovin’
  19. Late nights or Not? Oh, yes. But that makes the mornings so difficult.
  20. Coffee or Tea? Tea. Decaf or herbal. I quit a 23 year coffee habit last year.

>New Headboard

>Hi Everyone!

     For a couple of months now, my “headboard” has been a set of armoire doors leaning against the wall behind the bed. It looked good but the doors were always leaning forward, away from the wall. I found it annoying and finally took the time to complete a very simple fix.
     I got the doors from a friend. Her home was destroyed by a fire about a year and half ago. As I was helping her to recover  her belongings from the home, I noticed the armoire. The top of the armoire was burned clean off and there was damage to the doors. Amazingly, there were photographs in a drawer inside the armoire which survived unscathed. We removed the doors and I took those, and the drawer, home. I scrubbed the smoke residue from the doors and left them as they are. Its the ultimate distressed finish 😉

All I did was to put a couple of eye screws in and strung some picture wire on.
Ugh, I destroyed the wall. Good thing the doors cover the damage!
Ta-daaa! My new “headboard”
Murphy loves it too.

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