>Misadventures in Crafting – The Drum Shade Chandelier

>Hello Everyone!

     Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Halloween. I (meaning, my boyfriend) finally finished another project. I had gotten the idea from Thrifty Decor Chick for a drum shade chandelier. It wasn’t long after I read this post that I found a giant lampshade from the Salvation Army.

So Cleopatra! I did consider keeping it this way. Kinda cool.

     The shade had this big gold band around the top. I considered keeping the shade like it was but I have been banishing all of the other gold in the room. I decided it, too, needed to go. After thinking up a few ideas, I thought I could spray paint the shade using Rustoleum’s Hammered Bronze color. DO  NOT ATTEMPT this unless you have a VERY steady hand! I do not have a very steady hand when it is holding a can of spray paint. I attempted to camouflage some of the blotchiness by painting the inside of the shade white. Then, I had to apply another coat of spray paint because the white got everywhere.
     To hang this lamp, I picked up a swag kit and the lamp bulb kit. This is where the boyfriend comes in. I wasn’t sure how to screw this stuff together and my boyfriend is very handy. All I needed to do was ask him a few times to do this for me and then I brought it all to him while he was watching NASCAR. Bless him, any other man would have told me to beat it (not in these same words). He put the lamp together and then he installed my swag hooks so I could hang the lamp.

Looks cool, huh? Until you turn on the light.

      I love the look of the lamp. When it is turned off. Turn it on and you can see all of the brush marks and uneven-ness of the spray paint. My boyfriend said he thought it was supposed to be like that and that he likes it. Isn’t he the greatest?



2 comments on “>Misadventures in Crafting – The Drum Shade Chandelier

  1. >goodness you do get on with so many projects don't you! It looks good with the mottled effect.

  2. >Thanks! I should take a picture with the lamp on 😉 Actually, I am starting to like it. The boys in the house think it looks cool.

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