>Purple Beaded Necklace

>Hi Everyone!

     Here is a simple project for a Saturday. I used some of the beads from a bracelet that I teased about recently.

I used the bracelet in front, with the chipped hematite stones.

     I made two strings using purple and lavender, some iridescent, and randomly strung seed beads. In the middle, I made a pattern using the hematite stones and the purple beads. For the shorter, second, string, I used the seed beads, black seed beads from the bracelet and a few of the hematite beads. I must admit, I am fairly self impressed with this one because the entire thing was strung while I was riding in the car. I think it takes a certain level of trust and patience to be able to spill out seed beads onto a thin plastic (and cracked) bead tray and string these with a needle 😉
     It took two mornings, about an hour and half of work each day, to finish this necklace.


     Then, all I did was add a clasp and secured it using crimp beads. Easy!

     Remember the cool antique shop I visited recently? The old barn? Here is a photo from outside the shop. The owner had a bunch of wagon wheels, most of them metal, locked together in the driveway of the shop. I love this one!!


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