>New Kitty Toys

>     Hello Everyone!

     I was doing some housecleaning this past weekend and came across some dried catnip. My cats looooove the catnip! I decided to use some leftover yarn to make kitty toys.

    I crocheted the outside cover of the toys. All I did was to chain what I wanted the length to be. I did them in 5 chain, 10 chain or 12 chain. I then did the rest of them in single stitch, circling around, rather than crocheting back and forth. I continued until it created a crocheted “ball”. For the inside of the toy, I cut a square from an old t-shirt, put a little pile of catnip in the middle and tied the square into a little bundle. This I stuffed into the catnip ball and single stitched the ball closed. I wove the end into the ball and tossed one to the cat.
     I think they’ll have fun with them.

The kitties love catnip!
Stuffing the catnip into the crocheted balls

Crochet closed

Four catnip balls in varying sizes

Fromie kitty and his new ball
Fromie doesn’t much like having his picture taken

     Hopefully these get lost under the sofa, that’s how I know that they are actually playing with them 😉


One comment on “>New Kitty Toys

  1. >LOve those!! I should make my little Claire some!!! Hugs, Rachel 🙂

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