>Dog Sweaters and a Barn

>Hi Everyone!

     I don’t have any projects to show off today but I do have something rolling around inside my head. Doggie sweaters! What do you think? Would you buy a homemade dog sweater? A few weeks ago, I went to Japantown in San Jose, California. There was a cute pet supply shop and they actually sell doggie kimonos! Handmade. Next time I am out that way, I should def get photos of those. Anyway, I was thinking that I could re-fashion old human sweaters. Or crochet something. What do you all think?

Sandy loves her sweatshirt! She doesn’t love the camera flash in her eyes 😦

     Here are some cool photos I got of a farm at the end of my street. The sun had just risen and I was actually awake (on a Saturday morning!!) and thought that I could see what I could do with the camera.

If they ever knock this down, I want the wood!!!!!

I’ll bet this house was a real cutie in its day. But, ummm, what’s with the poison sign on the pole?

6 comments on “>Dog Sweaters and a Barn

  1. >I don't know, we only have cats (which we left in Australia with my mum). I can't think of anything more painful than trying to put a sweater on my cats. I would need an arm transplant, I'm sure. But dogs seem a lot more tolerant of that sort of thing. And it is starting to get mighty chilly…

  2. Claudia says:

    >Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!My dogs are too big and hairy to wear a sweater, but I know plenty of people who have dogs that need sweaters – especially here in the Northeast. I think it's a great idea!Claudia

  3. >lol, I have cats and a big hairy dog too. won't work on these guys either 😉

  4. >So adorable!! Great photos too~*Hugs, Rachel

  5. Julia says:

    >I have two cats and not much knowledge of dogs but in New York city, I used to see an awful lot of dogs wearing all sorts of outfits. In fact, I used to walk past a pet shop where the clothes in the window looked so attractive, I initially thought it was a children's clothing boutique.The farm photos are lovely.

  6. >Julia, that's funny! Here in California, I don't see too many doggie outfits in public. Something else I have noticed about the different coasts is that there seem to be more purebred dogs in NY and more mixed-breeds in California…..kind of like Hollywood vs NYC, canine edition 😉

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