>Royal Wedding!

>     I know that Christmas is swiftly approaching, but who is excited about the upcoming nuptials of William and Kate?? I am old enough to remember the hub-bub surrounding Charles and Diana’s wedding and her first pregnancy. My sister (the night owl that she is) stayed up to watch the wedding, which happened in the middle of the night for us.

The Wedding
photo from library.thindquest.org

The baby!
photo from library.thinkquest.org

Prince William, Kate Middleton
Not a baby anymore! And, with a BABE on his arm!
photo from Yahoo.com

     My goodness, I still remember all of the speculation surrounding Diana after she was caught snoozing at an event. Opera, maybe? Who remembers that?
     Of course, everyone will now be wondering what dress Kate will choose for her walk down the aisle. Think she will mind if I throw out a couple of suggestions?

Slim Evening style wedding dress: JH2187 Lyla
Johanna Hehir

Caroline Castigliano


3 comments on “>Royal Wedding!

  1. >I like the Caroling Castigliano dress. It will be fun to watch. I just hope she has a better time of it than Diana did.Love your blog header ~ so pretty.Cindy

  2. Meg says:

    >I love your bridal gown choices! I definitely see her in something elegant with a little royalty bling. I'd love to see a dress with Audrey Hepburn flare…something like this? http://priscillaofboston.com/dress_detail.jsp?gid=1&sfid=51196

  3. >Oh yes, Meg, that one is cool! I love the illusion neckline, this would be my kind of strapless…..

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