>My Very First Giveaway – Yippee!

>Hi Everyone!

     It’s my very first giveaway! Remember my wooden bead necklace? It is a one and only, custom necklace. Which means, there can only be one winner of this one.

     There are three ways to enter:
  1. Leave a comment.
  2. Become a follower and let me know with a comment, include a link to your blog if you have one.
  3. Write about this giveaway. Again, please let me know and comment with a link.
         I will choose a winner on Friday, November 26.
Happy Weekend!

6 comments on “>My Very First Giveaway – Yippee!

  1. >Such a lovely giveaway my friend! Have a great weekend! :)Rachel

  2. SolDucky says:

    >That's beautiful!

  3. SolDucky says:

    >I am a follower too.

  4. BusyBsewBiz says:

    >oh those wooden beads are so ace!

  5. BusyBsewBiz says:

    >I'm also following you…does that sound stalker-like? 😉

  6. BusyBsewBiz says:

    >I just posted a blog post at busybsewbiz.com about your giveaway. I hope some new friends pop on over here.

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