>Soap Rocks

>Hi Everyone!

     Today I was making Christmas gifts for family. I have always loved making glycerin soaps and I had been looking forward to making these today. I purchase my glycerin at Michael’s craft store. I have found a recipe to make my own glycerin…..someday I will do this. But for now, the block glycerin works just fine. In addition to the glycerin, I had some color and essential oil to add.

     I made several colors and three different scents. I made Wakey Soap and Sleepy Soap. The Wakey Soaps were made with either peppermint scent or orange scent. The Sleepy Soap was made with lavender.
     Here is how I did them:

Melt the soap base. Microwave or double boiler.
Add color and fragrance. I used between 3 to 5 drops of color, mixing the colors as needed. 6 drops of fragrance for 4 melted cubes of soap base.
Normally you would pour the melted soap into a mold. I have very little patience for the molds, I like my rocks. Let the soap cool a bit, until its cool enough to handle. Then, take a small handful and roll between palms to make a ball.

That’s it! Soap rocks.

     I love these soap rocks, they are so easy to use. Easy to roll through the hands when using. A good size for little hands!


2 comments on “>Soap Rocks

  1. Mi7 says:

    >can we shape it into rhino?hehehe…

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