>More Christmas Gifts

>Hi Everyone!

     I recently posted about my painted wine glasses that I had painted hibiscus flowers on.

     After this picture, I put the glasses in the oven to bake. They played their own game of dominoes in the oven. Usually dominoes are fun when they fall! This time I was not amused. Two of the glasses broke and I was left vacuuming glass shards from the bottom of the oven.

     I had much better luck with the next batch of glasses. When I put this set in the oven, I set them upside down in a rectangular baking dish. Much, much better. I used as my inspiration the pattern of a sweet creamer that I have, a Royal Bohemian China Fantasy pattern.

     I bought another set of wine glasses to replace the ones that broke. Should I do the hibiscus flowers again? Do you have any other ideas?


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