>Vintage Ornaments and Crafted Christmas Decorations

>Hi Everyone!

     I am linking up to Thriftcore’s Show Me Your Bush link party. I am featuring my vintage ornaments. I sure wish I knew more about these ornaments, I will have to corner my mother someday. I think she might know something. If not. then the history is lost. But, luckily, not the ornaments!
     What I do know is that a friend of my grandmother’s was sick and in the hospital. Back in the day, hospital visits were longer and I guess this person was probably bored to death. Haha, not really to death-death. Anyway, this person crafted these beautiful ornaments from pins, beads, sequins, silk and velvet. All pinned onto Styrofoam balls. The craftsmanship is incredible. These ornaments were given to my grandmother, who passed them onto my mother, who passed them to me.  They go onto the tree every year, I treasure them.

     Here are a couple of other things that I made.

A string of lights and a few ball ornaments in the hurricane.

Metallic balls in gold and silver and glitter from the Dollar Store, on a cake stand with curled ribbon.

My tiered candy stand made with 3 plates and 2 candlesticks. Fine mesh ribbon on the tiers with this plastic ornament on top. This stand will look much better with truffle candies on it!


3 comments on “>Vintage Ornaments and Crafted Christmas Decorations

  1. Helena says:

    >Oh my gosh, those ornaments are amazing. These days that would cost a fortune in decorative pins. I am in love with them.I just found you through the Show Me Your Bush party.

  2. >These are beautiful ornaments…so inticate and detailed…very beautiful. Your blog header is also lovely…very nice. And, thank you for taking the time to visit me and leave such a nice comment. Merry Christmas!

  3. Renegades says:

    >Oh I love the tiered candy stand. I'm a sucker for anything that's like a cake plate.

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