>Handmade Gifts List

>Hi Everyone!

      For the past few days we have been getting ready for a little shin-dig that I am having this Saturday. A few old friends and family are coming to join me at my new home to celebrate Christmas. And tonight, my daughter and I put red streaks in our hair! So, I have had precious little time for any crafts. I guess what I need to do is round up some ideas for the next  project! I was checking out Marthastewart.com and she has so many ideas for homemade gifts. Here are a few. If you have been reading this blog for a little while, you will know that the below projects are just up my alley. I am loving jewelry, wool and soap making lately!  To see instructions, click on the caption below the photograph. Enjoy!

Dupioni Silk Necklace

Tin Mold Soaps

Woolen Beret


One comment on “>Handmade Gifts List

  1. >If someone gave me those soaps I would eat them. They look divine.

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