>It Comes From the Heart Linky Party

>Hi Everyone!

     Welcome to my very first Linky Party! Since my Saturday Christmas Soiree was such a success, I am rather in the mood to throw another party. I hope you join and invite all of your friends.
     This party is to showcase all of your handcrafted or thrifted gifts. Here is what I have done so far. I cannot say who these are for in case my friends and relatives actually read my blog.

From 80’s bunny bench

to leopard velvet bunny bench.

Hibiscus wine glasses

Using glycerin, essential oil and color

I made these Soap Rocks

This super cool single drawer box

To a super cool single drawer box with vintage style roses on it.

This vintage creamer was the inspiration for:

These painted wine glasses.

      The best part? I am so not done yet! I have lots of fun crafts to finish up before Christmas! And some really cool thrifted items that still need to pose for photos. More to come!

Join the party and show us what you have made or thrifted! This party is happening through Christmas! (Would someone please pass the popcorn balls?)



4 comments on “>It Comes From the Heart Linky Party

  1. >you have such lovely treasures to show!I have not made any gifts yet which isnt really a good thing! lolas soon as i do i will link it up:)

  2. >@ Incipient Wings – you should link your guerilla art! those are gifts too…and they're so much fun!

  3. Kirsty says:

    >Aw that bunny pew is so sweet

  4. >I'm a linky virgin, hope I did that right 🙂

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