>Looking Ahead Linky Party

>Hi Everyone!

     Happy New Year to everyone! One of my favorite things to do over New Years Day is to erase Christmas from my home. I will be out of town today so I did this for New Year’s Eve. As I am writing this post (it is still before midnight in California) I am also thinking about the projects that I would like to tackle in this coming year.

The Before. It has a little bit of ugly truth in there.

The before

And…..The after!

My microfiber chair. A Salvation Army score, only $75.00 for this plus the ottoman.

     And, now for my new year’s resolutions. This year I want to:

Replace the blinds with draperies. That I make myself.

Pretty-fy the “gazebo”. Gazebo is used loosely here.

All one color might be nice. And, add my futon and some decorations.

Make this a more friendly space for entertaining. Or just hanging out.

Gain some control of this of this and plant a spring garden.

Stay on top of pulling the weeds.

Sand, paint and re-attach the baseboards.

Finish the floor.

Finish painting the trim.

Uh, ya. Finish painting. Period.

     What do you have planned this year? Show me by linking up to my

Looking Ahead Linky Party
Tell me what you have planned for the year ahead!


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