>New Blog for Animal Lovers

>Hi Everyone!

     I am following a great new blog! If you love animals, you will love this blog. It is written by my good friend, Martha. Martha used to write a monthly article for Equestmagazine.com (this emagazine is no longer published).
     Martha is the founder and director of DreamPower Horsemanship, the non-profit I donate my time to every Sunday. Martha’s personal horse, Nick, became very ill on Christmas Eve night and had to be euthanized. Sometimes through loss, there are unintended blessings. Martha took in Angel, an abandoned horse who needed a foster home.

Angel. Courtesy of DreamPower Horsemanship

     Martha doesn’t know that I am writing this. Could you all give Martha a little bit of love and visit her blog and leave an encouraging comment? It would mean the world to me!
Thank you!!


One comment on “>New Blog for Animal Lovers

  1. >what a sweetheart you are!!!!I love horses (every animal really)i will drop by right now..have a great day:)

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