>A Blend of Old and New

> Hi Everyone!

      Remember my sneaky peeks? I had showed you some thrifted jewelry and some new pieces.

     The first necklace was made with shells from the shell necklace (in the middle of the above photo) and transparent silver beads. I strung these on my old suture material (go here to find out about my suture material). I like to make my necklaces long enough to slip over one’s head, I don’t like having to fiddle with the clasps. I also like to make my jewelry friendly for those who have metal allergies. For the second strand I used white ribbon. I think that the real beauty of this necklace comes from the lightness of the white ribbon anchored with the shell flower.

I like the balance of delicate with substantial.

     The second necklace was also strung on the suture material. I used my gold and black beads to frame an asian inspired wooden black bead. Below the bead I alternated dark red stones with black beads for some added drama.

     For the next necklace I simply strung alternating purple and transparent silver seed beads onto my suture material. This necklace is not joined at the ends, it is one long strand. This necklace can be work by itself by wrapping like a scarf around the neck or loosely tied. It also looks great looped a few times and paired with the purple ribbon, as shown below.

Would they call this and infinity necklace?

Project Photo365
I finally got outside for a fitness walk yesterday and was greeted by this amazing blue heron. He was kind enough to let me get close enough for a decent photo before he flew away.

     Don’t forget to head over to my Looking Ahead Linky Party. It is open until January 15th.


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    >Hello! I'm here to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog! Grandma’s Guide to Life — http://www.grandmasguidetolife.blogspot.com — Carli

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