>Show and Share Sunday

>Hi Everyone!

     I’m doing another linky party. It might be because I just love making those cute little buttons! Seriously, its because I love my friends and I love a good part-ay! Come on over, I will be doing this every Sunday, we will party for the whole week. On the following Saturday, I will feature some awesome posts. Come as you are, anything goes.

     The things that I have been working on today are only somewhat crafty but necessary anyway. I have been really needing a place to showcase jewelry and small projects. If you have seen my previous posts, you understand.

Mixing white paint with a little bit of black.

Leftover craft wood.

Taa Daa

     I have an old broken wicker picnic basket that I used to keep my beading supplies in. I cleaned out the basket and put the supplies into different cookie tins, according to the types of supplies. I was about to throw away the basket when I remembered the b/f’s collection of motorcycle and 4×4 magazines. Perfect! I had some leftover spray paint in bronze. I finished the can onto the basket and now he has a home for his mags!

Plain, after removing broken parts.

Bronzed. I didn’t have enough paint for the inside.

     I also had to get a little bit manly and diagnose the slow flush for the toilet. I just love the internet! I Googled slow flush and got my diagnosis. There were actually 2 issues. If any of you has this problem, make sure that the area in the bowl where the water comes out is clean. I scrubbed the little holes and turned the water off, emptied the tank and ran white vinegar through. Tomorrow will be a short trip to the Home Depot for a new flapper. Yay, I will no longer have to tell house guests to hold the handle and flush twice! Sorry, no photos of this project. I know, you are disappointed.

     Okay everyone, let’s get this party started!

For any newbies who don’t yet know linky party etiquette, please note the party rules:

  • Please add my button to your blog. Anywhere is fine…..
  • Link to your post, not your blog.
  • Please visit as many others as you have time for. Leave comments on the others, we all love comments!

<a href=”http://craftygeordi.blogspot.com/2011/01/show-and-share-sunday.html&#8221; style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”200″ src=”http://i835.photobucket.com/albums/zz278/geordilynn/IMG_1018editframe-3.jpg&#8221; width=”200″ /></a></div>  


3 comments on “>Show and Share Sunday

  1. >Hey I thanks for the linky party! I linked up two if you don't mind. My mirror and my dresser. I am now your newest follower. Would love if you swing by and join me as well.http://dejarenew.blogspot.comtake care Deb.

  2. >Thanks for stopping by my page this weekend. I'm checking out your crafty links now! -diane

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