>Totally Divine Infinity Scarf

>Hi Everyone!

     Divine it is, this infinity scarf. Red wool and angora. This material is so soft! You might remember this from another post that I did, the cup cozee.

     I cut similar sized strips from the rest of the sweater. Only the front of the sweater had this fabu cable pattern so I was able to get 2 more cabled strips.

This turned out to be enough for 2 infinity scarves.

Haha, look at the clock above my head! This was a mirror shot.

     Just like my previous infinity scarves, I hand sewed strips together to make a longer scarf. Again, it was at least as fast, if not faster, to do these by hand rather than haul out the sewing machine. That baby needs a tune up anyway. Hmmm, plans for the weekend? Should I attempt my own sewing machine tune up? Anyway, the weather has been a little brisk lately and I was craving something a little heavier and warm around my neck so I think that this will fit the bill, don’t you think?

Project Photo365
Have you ever tried a burro banana? They are very wide, it is a different banana eating experience. If you consider eating bananas an experience…..

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Also, please check out the QLD Flood Appeal Auction, the button is at the top of all my posts right now. Mother nature has dealt a devastating blow to the Brisbane area, the people could really use our prayers and our help. I lived through the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that struck the Santa Cruz area of California and just knowing that people cared meant a quite a lot. Thank you.


6 comments on “>Totally Divine Infinity Scarf

  1. >Thanks so much for posting the button Christine. Much appreciated.

  2. >Nice scarf and great way to reuse a sweater. Thanks for joining the party. I need you to add a link to my blog please.

  3. >I like it! I want to make some pillows from an old sweater!

  4. Donene says:

    >I like your scarf! It looks very warm. Thanks for your nice comments!

  5. Jen Sue Wild says:

    >Fun scarf I might have to try this..

  6. Ginny Marie says:

    >I love that scarf! It would be perfect for winter in Chicago!

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