>I Ate Peanut Butter Out of My Lamp!

>Hi Everyone!

     Its true! I finished the peanut butter and was about to throw the beautiful glass jar into the recycling when something came over me (maybe the PB had gone bad?). I started seeing black! In the form of spray paint inside the jar.
     I cleaned out the jar and got started.

What a pretty peanut butter jar, isn’t it?

I spray painted the inside of the jar in glossy black then turned it upside down to let any drips out.

I primed then spray painted the lid. Looking back, I realized that I should have made the hole first, then painted! Next time…..

A quick trip to the Home Depot for this…

…and this. A diamond tipped drill bit. I used this to drill a hole in the jar for the lamp cord.  I have a feeling that I will get a lot more use from this.

Here is my peanut butter jar lamp! It is still nekkies, I have something up my sleeve for the shade.

Project Photo365
One of the DreamPower mascots.


2 comments on “>I Ate Peanut Butter Out of My Lamp!

  1. Van says:

    >Very clever repurposing! The result looks pro!

  2. Ana says:

    >What a great idea! I'm in serious need of some table lamps and with a very tiny budget; you just gave me a lot of inspiration!

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