>Map Themed Trunk

>Hi Everyone!

     Last week I showed you a sneaky peek of my old trunk. The trunk had peeling green paint and some very old stickers that the kids stuck on when they were little. I used to love the distressed look of the trunk but now, it is just tired. And very distressed.
     I didn’t really want to just paint it. I was looking for something more interesting. I shopped Christopher’s junk that he is throwing into the recycle bin and found and old Rand McNally map book. I cut out the pages and got to work.

Here are my supplies. Not shown is my glossy Mod Podge.

I used spray adhesive to glue the map pages down. I did these somewhat randomly, overlapping pages all around the box.

You can see where I primed then painted the hardware on this trunk. I didn’t see the need to cover the bottom of this trunk. I don’t foresee myself displaying this upside down 😉

After a couple coats of Mod Podge and some drying time, it was ready to come back into the house.

In its new home in the reading corner. I have a feeling that this new beauty won’t be staying here. No one puts Baby in the corner 😉   Haha, who recognizes that line?


11 comments on “>Map Themed Trunk

  1. >Nice work, I love maps for decoupage, not too girly. Patrick Swayze, RIP, would be proud!

  2. >Christine,That is just toooooo cool! Kim 🙂

  3. Van says:

    >I love it when people re-purpose maps for wallpaper and furniture decoupage! This is a beautiful and inspiring before and after.

  4. Chrissie says:

    >I love this trunk. What a great idea to use maps!

  5. >Thank you soooo much, everyone! I am flattered that you all like it.

  6. >I love your trunk, thank you for stopping I am your newest follower. I have something better to link up next week. so I will watch for your post to hook up. Nice to meet you !Carol

  7. >PS: I see you are a new blogger, on my last post I put the link to Debbiedoos blog, she is going to have a linky party to introduce new bloggers, it will get you a lot of exposure, you have a lot of posts.Carol

  8. Krafty Kat says:

    >Love your trunk! It matches my shelf! hahaha! Thanks for your comments and I will definately link up to your party!! (You can link up to mine too!)http://kraftykat76.blogspot.com/2011/01/gettin-krafty-with-it-4.html

  9. >Great idea and thanks for sharing it.

  10. >Loving the trunk! Looking forward to seeing whatelse you have in store 🙂

  11. Megan says:

    >The maps are perfect for the trunk and I the Dirty Dancing reference made me chuckle!

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