>Thrift Store Booty Plus a New Bracelet

>Hi Everyone!

     I hit 50 followers today! Yahoo! I appreciate all of you, thank you for following Crafty Geordi. My newest follower is the one and only Robelyn of Redneck Chic. Her blog is one of my favorites, I have been following for a while now. So I feel like I am being followed by a rock star. And, what do we do with rock stars? We emulate them.
     Robelyn made some super cute fabric cuffs from blouse sleeves. I love them so much that I decided to try my hand at my own.

My Thrift Store Booty
A broken necklace, some fake earrings and a pin.

I think that this skirt will become a scarf.

I loved the detail on this blouse. Too bad it’s too small for me 😦

Adorable, isn’t it?

I love the lettering on this one.

A future throw pillow?

Jones New York silk suit jacket. 50 cents. I bought it for the buttons, I didn’t look at the label. If I lose 5 pounds, this baby will fit perfect! We’ll see if I don’t rip off the buttons before then!

2 blouses and that Jones jacket.

These will go to work with me.
     I cut a cuff from the pink blouse and the blue blouse. Since my wrists are so skinny (couldn’t the rest of me follow suit??) I moved the buttons to make these fit a little more snug on my wrist. I sewed on some ribbon and attached a flower from the broken necklace.

     I am definitely looking forward to wearing these. They are so fun! Check out Robelyn’s cuffs, hers are way cuter…..


One comment on “>Thrift Store Booty Plus a New Bracelet

  1. >I LOVE it!!! Aren't they fun and totally addicting?!!!;-D robelyn

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