>Year Round Holiday Tree Display

>Hi Everyone!

     In the past, I have seen my friends’ Easter trees, 4th of July trees, etc. I think that they are adorable. I love the idea but I didn’t want to have to dedicate space for a table tree. So I made a tree that I can hang on the wall. But, I didn’t want any little branches or hooks that I could run into. I know myself, I would put an eye out! This was the perfect project for:

I have really been looking forward to trying this!

I found this hobby wood at Home Depot. I just used a sharpie to mark my idea.

Just a clamp and a saw, a few minutes later I had my pieces. I sanded the edges and…

…then primed the wood using the magnetic primer.
While the tree dried I made magnetic heart ornaments from these.

Using a sample paint that I purchased from Home Depot, I painted my tree pieces in dark green. After 2 coats and drying time, I glued the “branches” in place. Here it is, with my magnetic heart ornaments! This weekend, the tree will be hung on the wall.
Project Photo365
My 16 year old. This photo made us laugh until I cried, he looks so sinister here! He hates when I take his photo, he either ducks away or makes faces. But he looked so darned cute with Autumn in his arms! I couldn’t resist…..


>QLD Auction Necklace

>Hi Everyone!

     Many Thanks and congrats to Off the Peg for the winning bid of $25! Please pop in for a visit and offer your congrats.

     By now everyone has heard of the devastating flooding happening in the Brisbane area of Queensland, Australia. Make it Perfect is organizing the QLD Flood Relief Appeal Auctions. Anyone can participate by auctioning off an item on their blog or facebook page and/or by bidding on any of the lovely items posted for auction. Payments are made directly to Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal.

     I am excited to make my own contribution to the cause. After having lived through my own natural disaster, I know how important it is to the survivors to know that there are others who care and who want to help.

     I enjoy doing a lot of crafty stuff and jewelry is what I do best. I am offering this necklace with a starting bid of $5.00. Because it is long enough to slip over your head, I used no metal clasps in the necklace, making it friendly even for those with metal allergies.

     If you are located in the continental US, the shipping is free. Payments will be made directly to Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal. I will provide instructions for payment to the winner.

Happy Bidding and Thank You for your support

The necklace is made of semi-precious stone, colored tan with gray veins, gold seed beads and dark brown-black seed beads, all strung onto my favorite necklace string, Braunamid suture material. This stuff ties so well. I pulled hard on the necklace and it didn’t break. This is a tough piece of jewelry, I wear my own all the time. Goes equally well casual with jeans as it does with dressier clothes.

     To bid, please put your price in the comments. Since I started the bid at $5.00, the first commenter will begin at the $5.00 mark. Please make your bid higher than the last comment, increments don’t matter to me. Increase it by a penny or by a dollar, however you see fit. I will be in touch with the winner by email for arrangements. This auction will end at 6pm Monday, January 24th.

>Canine Kimonos and a Special Concert

>Hi Everyone!

     Remember the puppy-quin I showed on my Project Photo365? Here is the rest of that story:
 On Friday afternoon I went with a couple of friends to San Jose’s Japantown, aka J-town. On a side note, San Jose’s Japantown is only one of three recognized Japantowns left in the United States, the other two being in San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you are ever in San Jose, make a point to visit. It is located at 5th and Jackson. If nothing else, you will find some good sushi. Anyway, after that good sushi, we stopped here:

Located on Jackson St in San Jose, Ca.
Puppy Sushi!!

An adorable dog bed. I see a knock-off in my future. Maybe? Maybe not, we should support local, small business…

Puppy-quin wearing a silk kimono.

Isn’t this just to die for??

Amazing. These cute little kimonos will set you back $64.00. They are handmade.

In the evening I took the family to watch Fumiko’s orchestra concert (she is a violin player). Thankfully, not all schools are cutting their arts programs. My daughter’s school’s orchestra program has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. This department is headed by Scott Krijnen. A wonderful musician and an amazing teacher. We are so lucky to have him! The kids know it too. This program is possible with lots of parental financial involvement. As you will see below:

Part of San Jose Convention Center. The big time!!

Concert. The $20 tickets for this row was well worth not having to do this at the school. Front row was $50 per ticket.

Parental involvement example. This San Jose Sharks autographed hockey stick sold for about $100.
Autographed Ryane Clowe photograph. This one went for $65.00
This was a treat – Ettersberg Chamber Players joined the Castillero Chamber Orchestra and played some Holst and the Ettersberg Chamber Players by themselves gave us some Beethoven. A-Mazing.
Yup, I am the one who parted with $65 for this beauty, now hanging in my Hall of Fame.

>Show and Share Sunday

>Hi Everyone!

     Yesterday was uncrafty 😦  I went to Christopher’s old house to help clean it out and move the rest of his stuff to storage. But, on the way to his house we passed a

Garage Sale!

     Not all of the garage sales in my neighborhood are that great but this one was awesome. Here is some of my take. $20 total!

This giant candle pedestal will be repainted.

I don’t know yet. I had planned to take this apart to make a shade for the peanut butter jar lamp. But I shopped the cutest teddy bear lamp from Chris’ garage that will be adorable for Miz A.

Remember the cigar box purses from a few years ago? I still think they’re cool.

A game from 1952. I thought it was cool.

Miz A’s first birthday is February 14. That’s right, a Valentine baby. This will be her birthday present. The stamp on the bottom of the pieces says Bavaria 39.

     I just hit my maximum for photos, I will need to take care of this and then I will post the rest. Until then, I hope that you will all join me for my

Show and Share Sunday Linky Party!
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Party Time!!

>Show and Share Showoffs #2

>Hi Everyone!

     I want to give a big thank you to all of you brave people who joined my second Show and Share Sunday linky party. I am looking forward to having of you joining my party, I hope that you will tell your friends!
     I love all of the links that came my way and I wanted to share a few of them. I hope that you will go back and look through the rest, they are all very good.

Eileen at The Missing Piece upcycles denim into handbags. I love this, I have so many pairs of jeans in my fabric stash. Eileen knows how to do this right.

I love this, she did a great job!

Me Sew Crazy made this Winter Wonderland Cape. This is so adorable and with a such beautiful girl modeling it. I used to make fleece ponchos for my daughter but this one is sooooo much more beautiful! You have to go check it out.

Doesn’t she look like a modern Red Riding Hood?

Is it possible to have a crush on an inanimate object? ‘Cuz I am loving this project! I have a “thing” for antique doors. WhisperWood Cottage made a coat rack from an old door and this is pure genius. The photos are beautiful too, you have to check it out.

I think I’m in love.

Come back tomorrow for my third Show and Share Sunday linky party. Come as you are, anything goes!

Project Photo365
Check out this puppy-quin, it is wearing a silk kimono!! I will post about this again, this was just too cute not to share right away.

>This Moment – Grooming Red


{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see. SouleMama

>Magnetic Valentine Heart Ornaments


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Hi Everyone!

     Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have never, ever decorated for it. No hearts, no lace, nothing. It’s time that changed, right? Here is a sneaky peek of something that I have been working on this week.

Sneaky Peek! This is becoming a little magnetic wooden tree for my ornaments

Ya, I swiped these from the Home Depot. I cut these into different sized hearts.

I overlapped the hearts, overlapping and making them randomly crooked. I just used Elmer’s gel to glue them together. I have a roll of sticky backed magnet strip and put a small square on the back of the large hearts. When my tree is finished and in the house, these will decorate my little tree!
Project Photo365
Morning fog. This is what happens when the nights are in the 30’s/40’s and the days are climbing into the 70’s like it did today. Today was unbelievable!