>Spring Tease

>Hi Everyone!

     I know that a lot of you are buried in snow today. I cannot take away your snow but I can send come warm California vibes your way. Just close your eyes and picture a warm beach. Oommmmmmm.

     I’ll start with my springy floral scarf. This scarf began as a skirt.

      Then it became cuffs.

     And now…..

If I don’t hold it up it drapes on the floor!
Wrapped 4 times. This will be worn with jeans tomorrow for casual Friday.

      And, now for some California pseudo-spring.

Cattails blowing their pollen.

These cattails are blowing their pollen.

This old fennel is catching all of the cattail pollen. Its funny to see all of this pollen blowing as I walk here.

5 comments on “>Spring Tease

  1. Jennifer says:

    >That is one awesome circle scarf! =) I'm uber impressed! Aren't they just a perfect wardrobe pick me up?and omg I cracked up at your comment! I said the same thing to my husband. "You don't wear this. MINE!" <3xoXOxoJenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Jennifer says:

    >ps: If you'd like, send me a photo if you use one of my tutorials and I'll add you to my scarf fashion show post with a link! ❤

  3. Robyn says:

    >I have always wondered how to do circle scarves. And I have two skirts that will not do for skirts WAITING for me to try something like that.

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