>Good Directions

>Hi Everyone

     I feel like such a DORK! I have had my sewing machine, a Kenmore, given to me as a gift by my ex quite a few years ago. Now, just because I half paid attention in sewing class, I think I know everything about sewing. And when I couldn’t get the tension right and my thread got tangled, it was a problem with the machine. Until this weekend, when I did a little mini tune-up on the machine and I printed out the instruction manual to see how to do this. Ha! I have been threading the bobbin all wrong for all of these years. There are sure a few more tricks that I will be able to learn from reading the directions.

     If you’ve had a chance to check out my new blog, Adventures With Sally Ann, you would have seen my new books that I scored last weekend.

These are from the 50’s and earlier.
I fingerwove this yarn and tied it around the books.

The green cloth provides some very much needed contrast. Without it, my horse and wagon disappear into the shelf.
This scarf is part of a skirt. I am loving the skirt-scarves lately! I sure do wish I knew what happened to the before photo. This skirt had graduated color, going from yellow to this red. The yellow portion is a future scarf 😉  Now that I know how to use my sewing machine and all, it will have a nice hem.


One comment on “>Good Directions

  1. Cindy says:

    >Your scarf looks great!

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