>Show and Share Showoffs #5

>Happy Saturday Everyone!

     Its time for Geordi’s Show and Share Showoffs. Please remember that I am not picking favorites, if you want to know why I never pick favorites, go here and check out #5. All of the projects here are super cool and here is a sampling of them.

Ticklish Moose (I love this blog name!) has the Valentine’s vignette and offers a tutorial for her adorable bunting.

     Wendy Sue at Hopewell Homestead made a display from an antique typecase. What she has done is so creative and romantic!

If you have been reading Crafty Geordi for any amount of time, you would have seen that I am into crafted bags right now. So this one really spoke to me. Jennifer at Monkey See Monkey Do! made this adorable bag and offers a tutorial.

     If I have featured you, please grab a bragging rights button. And everyone, please come back tomorrow for my Show and Share Sunday #6. And please bring your friends. Remember, come as you are, everything goes and bring your besties.



2 comments on “>Show and Share Showoffs #5

  1. >hi!this are all awesome!!!so much amazing talent!

  2. Cameron says:

    >Thanks for introducing us to some new fun, crafty blogs!

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