>Join Me For Coffee #2

>Hi Everyone!

     I am linking up with Lucky #13’s Virtual Coffee.


     If we were having coffee together I might complain just a little bit about how my hands, wrists and fingers are so sore (sniff, snivel). I pruned 5 rosebushes this past weekend using the tree pruner. Oh, yes, I took those babies down to the stumps! Now they won’t look so overgrown and leggy this spring.
     I would give you an update on Rose. On Sunday we let her jog during her therapy. This motivated her to communicate like nothing I have seen before! This kid bounced in her saddle and simultaneously signed and verbally asked for more. MORE! Lol, over and over again. I had to put a stop to the jogging, we all (the adults and the horse) got a little tired…..
     I would ask for your input because I trust and value your opinion. I am planning to take the big leap and quit my job once the kids are out of school. I know, crazy move given this economy. I am lucky to have a job, yadda-yadda. But I spend so much time in the car, there is no work/life balance. There is work/commute only. I have read the stories of other women who have successfully made a living by selling their crafts and my goal is to do the same. I would ask for some advice (if you are one of the ones who have been able to do this). I would also ask you if you have any ideas for a name for my business? I plan to begin with handbags and accessories made from materials purchased at the thrift store. I like green concept of it and I love taking the old and making it new again. What would you name your store and where would you sell your wares? Do you supplement your income in other ways when sales are down?

     Lastly, I would say that I talk too much and what is going on in your world?


2 comments on “>Join Me For Coffee #2

  1. christi says:

    >so happy to hear of the progress.quitting the job and making the leap into home business is huge and i applaud you for taking this step. looking forward to seeing what you come up with.visiting from lucky number 31 for coffee! i do tea on tuesdays, stop by and join in sometime!

  2. >Hi Christine, I can easily say I don't make enough money to live on but I do make enough money to fund what I do, have extras, vacations, extra trips to go see the kids, and I have practically furnished our whole house except for appliances. I love what I do! I worked at a corporate job for 6 years until our first was born and after that always did some kind of part time thing to supplement….. whether it was running a tennis shop or craft fairs. It worked for us and I am a very lucky lady. Follow your dream and go for it. 🙂

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