>Show and Share Sunday

>Hi Everyone!

     I want to announce to the world – I have fallen in LOVE! My new love is simultaneously strong and delicate, economical, lusciously soft and incredibly sexy. My new love used to be this:

This awesomely 90’s-licious dress fit me and actually looked good! In a 90’s way…..

   The very clever and smart designer of this dress made the back of it stretchy. It helps to zip it up but since I won’t be wearing this dress, the elastic back became:

…..wait for it.

     I made them thick this time. I think that the masculine size of the cuffs blended with the soft femininity of the velvet makes these so sexy.

After cutting my piece to size I applied Fray Check so that this won’t leave velvety lint all over everything.

I rocked a running stitch through the bottom of the folded fabric. I then pulled tight to ruffle the fabric.

I wrapped the ruffled fabric into rosettes and stitched into place.
I added some plastic “pearl” beads into the middle of the flowers. Isn’t this a sexy cuff??

     And now its party time! If you haven’t already, please hit follow so that you will know when all of the parties start. Grab a button so your friends know where to find this party and bring your besties! Come as you are and link up as many projects as you want.


8 comments on “>Show and Share Sunday

  1. >this is adorable!!!!youre really creative.now you can make a shawl/wrap with the rest of it.

  2. >I know what you mean about nineties fashion. The dress does look as though it was gorgeous then! And what a cool reminder of your crazy days!Sarahx

  3. A.Vang says:

    >Hey thanks for the invite to the linky party! Your blog is great! You are very creative!

  4. >I am delighted to join your party today. Thank you for asking and I love what you have done with that "90's" dress….you clever thing you. 🙂

  5. >Thank you so much for inviting me to your party. I linked up. Love your header.

  6. anne says:

    >Thanks for visiting my blog creative southern home. I am linking up to your party!

  7. >Thanks for visiting and hosting this party! Lindsey @ I'd Rather Be Crafting

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