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>htHi Everyone!

     Marni at Sassy Sites is hosting a blog hop for newbies like me who have been blogging 6 months or less.  My 6 month blogiversary is in March so I am still in (insert a big Yes! and an arm pump here). So, for those of you who don’t know Crafty Geordi, or who haven’t had the time to look back, here is Crafty Geordi in a nutshell.

     My name is Christine and I have been using the moniker Geordilynn as my online ID since 1999. Geordilynn is the name of my 27 year amazon parrot. So a name with Geordi in it was just natural to me. Crafty Geordi is a craft blog with some photos and participatory blog posts (such as this one).  Here is a look back at the past five months, this will really tell the story of Crafty Geordi.

Here is my first post from September 8, 2010.

I took this abandoned tool cart…..

…and turned it into a kitchen island. I use this island every day, it has made my kitchen much more efficient, albeit a little crowded at times.

     I enjoy furniture makeovers. Since this post, I have found a pull handle that matched the knobs. This piece is my nightstand now.

Salvation Army score.

     I discovered spray adhesive and Mod Podge.

You can check out this trunk here.

     And, I have been playing around on the sewing machine. Most of my materials come from clothing that I have picked up at the thrift store. Making old things new and fun again really challenges my creative self.

This was made from a denim dress and a maternity top. Check it out here.

     Crafty Geordi has a younger sister blog called Adventures With Sally Ann. This is where I showcase my thrift store, garage sale and found scores.

On Adventures With Sally Ann, you will find things like this maternity top, upcycled into the above purse.

     This first (almost) six months has been fun, with a lot of experimentation and finding my bloggy groove. I have met some awesome people and have participated in some fun games and a heartwarming fundraiser. Since the first six months have been so awesome, I am looking forward to what the coming years hold in store.  I do hope that I will pick up some new friends to join me along on this ride.


5 comments on “>Newbie Blog Hop

  1. Blog Buttons says:

    >What a great job. I have an old cedar chest I'm hoping to re-do this summer. I'm hopping over from Sassy Sites and I'm happy to be a new follower of your lovely blog. hugs Katherine

  2. Sassy Sites! says:

    >Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Thanks for linking up at our Sassy Sites NEW friend party and also for the shout out on your blog! It's so fun to meet lots of new blog friends! I'm excited to be a follower of your cute blog now too! xoxo Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  3. >I'm coming from Sassy Sites and a newbie, too. I'm now following you. Great blog!!! Come by sometime if you'd like. http://www.acreativeprincess.blogspot.com

  4. Tal says:

    >Love your blog! Glad I came here from Sassy Sites! I'm following you now.Tal

  5. Erin Wallace says:

    >I Love the Salvation Army unit – it's fab!Found you on the Hello Friend Blog Hop and am now following you. I'd love it if you would follow me at Dropped Stitches.

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