>Virtual Coffee

>Hi Everyone!

If you are already following and actually read my posts, welcome back to my Egomaniacal Tuesdays! If you are linking up from Lucky Number 13, this is the day that I join three linky parties where I talk about my favorite subject, 

I hope that you will stick around and read my other Tuesday vanity posts. If not, I totally understand…..

Doesn’t this coffee look so yummy?

     If we were really sitting down to coffee, we would so talk about Charlie Sheen and his world that he has invented for himself! My family, we all love Two and a Half Men, even the old reruns and we watch every evening. I think that I broke Chris’ heart when I told him that we are boycotting Two and a Half Men now, it is not to appear on our TV. He does not deserve any syndication money! My apologies to the rest of the cast and crew but this is necessary. We will continue to give our love to Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly. BTW, those shows are every bit as funny as Two and a Half Men. Big Bang is funnier, even. I love love love Sheldon. I saw a headline that Mel Gibson is reaching out to Charlie Sheen. Ya, you guys need each other. I still have “YOU ARE A PAIN IN MY ASS” as my ringtone on the cell…..it just doesn’t get old for me.

     When we have had our fill of celebs off the deep end, we will move on to another band of self righteous, egotistical maniacs. Westboro Baptist Church. You know, the haters who picket the funerals of fallen soldiers and call everyone “fag enablers”? Get this – they are coming to my son’s high school!!! Gunderson High (in San Jose, California) drama club is performing the play The Laramie Project. The Laramie Project tells of the horrific murder of a gay 21 year old, Matthew Shepard. So, I guess that makes Gunderson High and its students and families “fag enablers”? Hell Yeah it does!!! I firmly believe that its time to put a stop to government approved discrimination. These so-called “Christians” do not get to come to my kid’s school and spew their hate. There is a big counter demonstration planned and we plan to be a part of it. I hope that those haters chicken out and don’t show up.

Rest in peace, Matthew Shepard.
I pray that your unwilling sacrafice was not in vain as we try to overcome the hate and bigotry in the LGBT fight for equality.

     After all this talking, I think my coffee is cold…..

     So, what’s up in your world?


3 comments on “>Virtual Coffee

  1. >I agree, Charlie Sheen is so delusional , man what a wack job. I hate hate his kids are in that house with his crazy porn girlfriends! I am sure legally he gets them. He has got to still be on drugs! to bad for his cast and crew!Thanks for the coffeeCarol

  2. Jade says:

    >Hope the demonstration goes well! If only there were a way to really change their minds…

  3. >Give those ratbags hell. They'll be going there soon enough anyway.

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