>Soft Bangle (the Greek Muumuu Again)

>Hi Everyone!

Waste not, want not, right? I am determined to use every last bit of the outfits that I hunt and kill. Remember my Greek muumuu? It was a darling muumuu that was made in Greece. The dress was so gauzy and breezy, it must have felt so nice in summer. Well, no more. The dress is gone and in its place are many cool
This was the dress. Too bad this night time shot didn’t do it justice. But, the photo couldn’t wait, I was antsy to get to scissoring!

This was so easy, anyone could do it! I began with removing this cuff from the sleeve of a thrifted denim dress.

I then cut a strip of cloth – here, Greek Muumuu, twice the width and twice the length of the cuff. Its actually not a bad idea to cut this extra long, once you ruffle it, you could cut the extra.

Fold cloth in half widthwise and sew a running stitch down each side. Measure it against the cuff to make sure you like how tight the ruffle is and to know where to cut extra. Once your ruffle is sewn, make sure to tie off the end so it doesn’t come undone. Attach the ruffle to the cuff, sewing on each side where the ruffle stitch is. Tack down both ends at the button and the buttonhole as well.

Voila! Now you have a soft bangle.


One comment on “>Soft Bangle (the Greek Muumuu Again)

  1. laxsupermom says:

    >Wow! I love all the ways that you've used that muumuu! What a great use of a garment that's no longer working for you. Thanks for sharing.

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