>Ballard Design Inspiration

>Hi Everyone!

     A few weeks ago I ordered up some catalogs to see what everyone out there is inspired by. I have so many ideas now! Its so hard to figure out what to do first….
I had found some cool glass at the thrift store so I figure that this is as good a place as any to start. Its not exactly hand blown glass, rather a pet shampoo bottle. A glass pet shampoo bottle. Huh. Even my human shampoo is bottled in plastic.

This time I didn’t do knock-offs, instead these textured vases were the inspiration.

This project used the front clear shampoo bottle and one wine bottle.
Creating a single chain, I crocheted several lengths of this twine.
I wrapped the crocheted twine around the bottle, securing with hot glue as I wound it around.
For the black bottle, I cut the sleeve from a black wool sweater. The wrist of the arm went around the neck of the bottle and I cut the length at the bottom of the bottle. Using the crocheted twine, I hand sewed it to the bottom and to the top of the wool.
Here they are together.
The texture is fun!
These look cool as they are and I also think they would make awesome bud vases.


2 comments on “>Ballard Design Inspiration

  1. Amanda says:

    >Wow, they look fab! I tried crocheting but could never get the hang of you, well done!

  2. Krafty Kat says:

    >They look awesome! Great idea to crochet the twine. Thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty With It!

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