>Virtual Coffee


Here is the second part of Christine’s Vanity Tuesday. To see part 1, go here. Now its time for:

Virtual Coffee

     If we were really meeting for coffee, I might just torture you with my complaints. Blah blah, too tired, blah blah, forgot my purse at home. It has my badge and my drawer key for work. The drawer that I lock my laptop into. What a pain getting into the building, then into my drawers! (Haha, I made it funny. Get it?)
Blah blah, I am sore from cleaning 17 horse stalls on Sunday. I had fun doing it cuz I did it with a friend. But my arms and fingers are so sore now! Blah blah some more.
     Enough? Are you totally irritated yet? I would also tell you that my son’s high school was on the picket schedule of Westboro Baptist Church last friday and the counter demonstration was a rousing success! WBC didn’t even bother to show up, the kids had a blast demonstrating anyway and performing for the gazillion news crews that came to document and their demonstration capped off a week worth of first amendment lessons at school. I just hope that these kids don’t all move to Berkeley and start living in trees, that would be too much…..

My adorable child.
Patriot Guard Riders
Random fairy

     How about you? What is up in your world?


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