>Baby Doll Top

>Hi Everyone!

     My niece is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and I thought that I could make something for her. To be fair to a 6 year old who might not want auntie’s homemade junk, I also got her a gift card to Game Stop. I also gave her my Greek Muumuu purse. I love that purse, I hope she likes it too.

     I made a baby doll style top using a piece of a floral skirt and a girl’s t-shirt. Lol, I wish I could have made a tutorial for this but I messed up so many times on this top! Next time…..

I simply ran a running stitch through the skirt, attached to the tee then did the same with the netting.

     I also made a couple more wrist cuffs too. It is just elasticized felt with a flower sown on.

Haha, they look like a set of eyes…..


3 comments on “>Baby Doll Top

  1. >I am crazy like you, I always feel like if I make something I have to add another gift…we are crazy! You have to get a ruffle foot it is going to take our sewing and crafting to a new level!Carol

  2. April says:

    >This is so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Megan says:

    >very pretty. I love the "eyes"megancraftycpa.blogspot.com

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