>Spring Flowers

>Hi Everyone!

     Some of you will know that I have been so into scrappy ruffle flowers lately. Rather than glue them, I hand sew them together. These flowers are great commuting projects. To make these flowers I take a strip of fabric (length and width varies), fold the fabric in half width-wise and sew a running stitch down the entire length of the strip. If you want your flower frayed and scrappy, sew the folded side, leaving the raw ends out. For a cleaner look, sew the ends together, leaving the folded side unsewn. If I make the scrappy flower, I first fray the edges then apply Fray Check first. Sew the running stitch then push the fabric back to scrunch. Then just wrap the ruffle in a layered circle then hand sew everything together. Much of the stitching will be hidden so technique doesn’t matter much here…..finally I will sew a bead or a button in the center of the flower.


     To change things up a bit and go for something unexpected, I attached flowers to some small tree branches.  They are flowers on hardy stems now! Perfect individually or bunched together in a vase. I hand sewed and hot glued the flowers to the branches. Love ’em!

     Here is a little bit what my daughter and I did today on St Pattys day. We made this cute little leprechaun hat from a medicine dosage cup, tee shirt material and a headband. I might have had a tute for this if the whole project didn’t give me whole loads of trouble. I had to take it apart several times!

Sneaking in a quick photo of this darling hat!

     I used the leftovers of this Tee shirt.  I cut it into a scarf, it was fun!


     I am beginning to become addicted to these cut tee shirt scarves…


2 comments on “>Spring Flowers

  1. >Theses are great and I LOVE that you staged the photos that way.

  2. >I visited your blog.good effort.Add some more collection.

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