>Ceramic Tile Coasters

>Hey Everyone!

     Here is a simple one – coasters made from ceramic tiles and cork. The tiles are fun, you can choose from a variety of colors or styles or materials and you can use a sharpie on the ceramic tiles to decorate. Just back the tiles with cork so that scratches and condensation don’t become a problem.

You will need some tiles and some cork.

I used this household cement. I suppose hot glue would be fine as long as the coaster doesn’t get hot…..

Trace the outline of the tile onto the cork then cut out the squares.

Squirt on a box outline of the glue on raised areas on back of tile.

I stacked all of the coasters while the glue dried, the weight helps to keep everything in place.

The orange and green ones are mine, the black and white are a gift for a friend.


No more water rings on my table!  🙂


3 comments on “>Ceramic Tile Coasters

  1. craftynan says:

    >hiya christine x thanks for sharing this simple but very useful and creative project , great gift idea too x xmaggiex

  2. ~Beth D. says:

    >i didn't think about the cork board. Great! Thanks for sharing.

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