>Virtual Coffee

>Hey Everyone!

     This is my second part of this week’s Christine’s Vanity Tuesday. For part one, see here.
This one is:


     If we were really having coffee, I would tell you what is going on in my world. Just over a week ago I had to euthanize my horse. Missy was 27 years old and I had owned her for the past 9 years. I had just went to visit her the day before she died and she was fine. Totally normal. Suffice it to say, I was floored when the barn called and told me she was “down” and I needed to call the vet. Well, I was on my way to work so I just turned around and hauled ass back to the barn where I boarded her. They had her on her feet (for horses this is a good sign). But, when the vet arrived he told me that she was dying. We put her down right away. Funny, that was the easiest part for me. The hard part for me is knowing that when I am feeling the sun on my back, the wind in my hair or the first sprinkles of a rainstorm, she is not also feeling that. And I have to shed my old identity as a horse owner. Since I was three years old that is what I always wanted to be. And, for the past almost 9 years, I was. I have been in such a funk since last Monday that I literally made myself sick. Well, the flu made me sick. I blame it on my compromised immune system and on my son, who brought the flu into the home…..
     Okay, enough of that. I would also tell you that I got a ruffler for my sewing machine, I cannot wait to try it out! I also got dimensional Mod Podge, I had to order this on the internet because I cannot find it in the craft stores….

      Next week I won’t be such a downer. Thanks, Friends, for listening.


One comment on “>Virtual Coffee

  1. >Aww, I'll forgive you for being all downer. You're sick. None of us are fun when we're sick!♥

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