>Spring Madras Purse

>Hi Everyone!

     Last night I pulled this super cute dress from my project stash. I guess I am just in the mood for springtime, even though we are expecting some winter-y weather for the next couple of days. I kept finding myself drawn to this green madras so it became my latest dress – to – purse.

The beginning. Lined green madras dress.
I used the dress lining to line this bag.

This is actually the bottom half of the skirt, half of the fullness removed. I sewed the bottom closed, sewed the side closed and added a couple of darts.

I sewed the handles from the part of the skirt that I didn’t use. All I did was to sew an inside out tube then turned them right side out. I tucked the ends of the handles between the liner and outside, folded the edges in and sewed the two pieces together, attaching the handles at the same time.
This purse was super easy to make.

This bag is much cuter than the original dress, dontcha think?

I had an audience for my photo shoot.


3 comments on “>Spring Madras Purse

  1. >This bag is really cute! Isn't it great to take fabric that just doesn't work as one thing and make it into another.Thank you for visiting my blog. We'll be doing another similar giveaway next week, so please check back.

  2. Mommy Head says:

    >Nice purse! thanks for linking up and for following me. Came by to do the same 😉

  3. Jenn says:

    >Great way to recycle a dress! Thanks for stopping by DIY Addict! It's funny you mention the work involved with painting concrete sub-floors, because I am just about to pull the carpet up in my sun room and paint that concrete! We'll see how it goes!

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