>(Not So) Hot Mess

> Hey Everyone!

     Stacy at Not Just a Housewife came up with a great idea for a linky party. Instead of posting creations that we are proud of, to post the accidental creations that happen when we are creating. Ummm, yeah. We all have our unproud moments. For me its the tummy and butt that I want to lose but won’t be able to when I am making and eating Whoopie Pies. Or the mess of a craft “area” that resides in my living room because my house is too small to have a dedicated area. Or the dishes in the sink that I cannot be bothered to do because I am making a cool dog leash.
     Its actually not that bad, the dishes do get done and the sewing machine does get put away. What I never have time for is:

The Car!

     Gaaaa, the car! My car is a ’95 Volkswagon Jetta. Its not some fancy-schmancy ride. I purchased this car (in cash, baby!) 2 years ago for a whopping $700! Don’t laugh, it was a smokin’ deal. It had only 35,000 miles on it at the time. It now has 112,000. Um, that is 77,000 miles in two years. Yes, we spend a lot of time in the car. And, it shows. My poor car gets saved for last, only getting cleaned after the necessary crafting, cleaning, dishes, work, spending time with family, American Idol watching, well, you get the picture. And, speaking of pictures…..fancy these:

The drink cups? Don’t worry, those are from this morning. We eat frozen smoothies for breakfast. Its like chocolate ice cream.

No, we often don’t have room for groceries.

Fingerprints on the trunk. We do clean the windows when we gas up. Every. Other. Day.


8 comments on “>(Not So) Hot Mess

  1. >That reminds me, I need to share my mess, too – lol! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has some clutter!Cheers,Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  2. Stacy says:

    >Good idea to post about your car! I should take some pics of my ugly, dirty, purple van 🙂 Thanks for linking up!!!

  3. emilysnan says:

    >hiya , ooohh sorry but stacy a purple van , that sounds so gorgeous and i dont care if it is dirty but dont call it ugly !and christine , how refreshing to see REAL photos in blogland , i dont think we are the only few who hae car boots and craft rooms /spaces that look like emmmmm well lets just say lived in ???? tfs xmaggiex

  4. >Great idea about the car photos….I'm not quite sure I want to document the messiness of my van, LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  5. >Lol, I am riding in the car as I read these comments. I do love my car, no matter how messy and dinged up she gets…..she is Ms. Reliable…

  6. Lesley says:

    >Egad! Seriously…this makes me feel better. My van is a freakin mess. My husband keeps begging me to clean it and swears there is a dead animal in it somewhere…but I hate cleaning.

  7. >I'm very familiar with the car closet. LOL Your first paragraph had me laughing. Who's got time for dishes when there's real life to live??? So glad you stopped in at Cranberry Morning. 🙂

  8. >'94 Concorde!! That is what I drive. I work full time, my hubby went back to college this past year, and it has to last 1 more year! I just hope that is not asking too much. I don't dare take pictures. What quirks does your car have? Mine has electrical issues…for a whole weekend, when I went on a scrapbooking retreat and my Hubby wasn't around, the break light in the rear window, never went out!! I am sure the people on the highway, who thought I was riding the break, were not happy with me! The heat kicks on in the middle of summer (we pull the fuse in the summer) – So glad I am not the only one driving something older than my 11 year old child! I am a new follower. Delightful blog!

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