>194 Dead in America’s South

>     As I was getting ready to go to bed last night, the 10 o’clock news was showing video of Alabama’s tornadoes and ensuing damage. They said there were 25 confirmed dead. The newscaster said that the storms would likely calm down at 2am. Good, I thought, they should get some relief from the storms very quickly.
     When I checked Yahoo news this morning, I saw 195 dead. I am shocked and saddened by what must have been a horrific night for so many of my fellow Americans.
     This blog is supposed to be light and humorous and right this second, I feel that this needs to be addressed and respected. I hope that you will all join me in keeping all of these people in our prayers.

     I also want to offer what may be a little known secret:

When you have lost cell and phone service, OnStar has a much stronger signal and can reach cell towers much further away. Now this is certainly not a sales pitch, I have no affiliation with OnStar or GM. Even if you don’t have a GM vehicle, a friend or neighbor might. OnStar can also give you evacuation information and other disaster assistance. No matter the disaster, be it storms, earthquakes, wildfires, etc. Just keep this in the back of your mind.

     Also, if you haven’t already, ask an out of state friend or relative to call you (and your spouse and children) in the event of a disaster to make contact and make sure you are okay. Even if you cannot call out, they may be able to call in. We have done this after earthquakes, with my out-of-state mother passing word to each of us sisters that the others are okay.

     Does anyone else have an emergency plan or suggestion?


2 comments on “>194 Dead in America’s South

  1. >Girl – I watched all that last night on the Weather channel 'cause I have some friends there. I think I was a nervous wreck for HOURS!!! My heart just breaks for those families…In my prayers!!!;-D robelyn

  2. Amanda says:

    >I had no idea, I deliberately don't watch the news any more. Sending prays.

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