>Show and Share Showoffs #16

>     Hi Everyone!

Happy Saturday to everyone! Is for me, as every Saturday is 😉

This week I only had five links, I suppose everyone was busy with Easter. So, rather than do a regular Show Off post, I am going to show off one person, who has very good reason to be proud of her accomplishments.
Let me start by saying that I have tried to do what she has done, twice. I was a dumb, reckless kid who just didn’t feel like going to school so I quit just when I was most equipped to be able to finish. I tried again 20 years later and was stopped by math, of all things, lol! Oh, that and because I was working full time, commuting, volunteering and taking care of the kids as well. So, when someone does it right, with the support of their family, I feel all warm and fuzzy for them. So….

Yay for TinkerAnnieBelle!!!
  She graduated from BYU and look at her, all fresh-faced and ready to begin her future. Oh, and check out her outfit! Go to her blog and see her cute ring and shoe clips too.


One comment on “>Show and Share Showoffs #16

  1. >Christine, thank you so much for the feature–truly, it means the world to me!! ❤

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