>Swallow Condos

> I just love getting out and seeing what our four legged and winged friends are up to in the spring. In Santa Clara there are a lot of nesting swallows which build their nests on the bridges. I can look out my window and see these little guys flying around and when I walk under their bridge I can spy their little beaks poking out of their nests while they watch me. Sometimes I can sneak up on them and see them gathering the mud to build their nests with.

Gathering mud in their beaks.

If I get any closer, or make noise, they will fly off.

Check out the third nest from the left. This one is in progress.

Swallow condos. Some of these nests remain year after year and there are some which are washed away every time this creek floods. Look at the bottom of this photo, you can see a line of nests in progress. All of the nests from last year washed away during the winter.

Fun, right?


One comment on “>Swallow Condos

  1. Pixie says:

    >birds amaze me. We have swallows in the barn next door and their antics at dusk are something to see!

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