Hello world!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I am still working on the details so there will be some changes…..

To start, I would like to explain the header. If you are visiting from Crafty Geordi, you may already know the history. A friend of mine had a house fire in July ’09. These doors were from an armoire that had burned, the top was burned clean off and these doors were damaged. Interestingly, this armoire had held photographs and other things. Nothing inside it was burned! My friend told me to just keep whatever I thought that I could salvage and I was in love with these doors. All I did was to store these outside for a while to allow the smell to dissipate and I scrubbed the doors to get rid of the greasy smoke residue. I love the patina that the fire damage had left on these so I did nothing to try to restore these. The filmy drapes are from Ikea, at only $5.00, they were definitely worth it for the romance that these give to the doors. The doors are simply hung on the wall behind the bed. Those cute little green pillowcases were made from an old sheet. The bed itself was expensive but the romantic headboard? Only $5.00! Score!!!

Mirror image of romantic headboard



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