>James Durbin Day in Santa Cruz


          This is the view from Fisherman’s Wharf. There was rain forecast for the evening. You can see the clouds rolling in. James Durbin

                   On our section of beach it was still beautiful and somewhat warm.James Durbin

                Palpable excitement. James’ parade rolled up on the street in front of those buildings.James Durbin
There was a path set up to bring James to the stage. He had quite the escort, there was a firetruck in front of these quads (already passed in this photo), one of the firefighters was ordering people to “get behind the cones, we can’t get through”. James is in the pickup truck.James Durbin
       This must be quite the experience for him. There were 30,000 people on the beach and boardwalk yesterday.                     James Durbin

                 Aren’t they adorable??James Durbin

                    James was interacting with the crowd, giving high-fives when he could.James Durbin

              Yes, the baby was there too.James Durbin
       James was showing his wrestling belts, a nod to the Hulk Hogan episode. Look closely at the top of the roller coaster behind James. There is actually a person up there taking photos. . James Durbin

     James on the stage. It was so crowded we actually weren’t expecting to see any of the stage, we were just hoping to hear it at this point. James Durbin

                  Dancing girls. Oh, I remember being this age..James Durbin.

James stayed on stage long after his three songs were over. He was signing a lot of autographs from the stage. Lots of people were throwing sweatshirts onto the stage…James Durbin

A nice surprise for us. Mama otter and baby giving a little show of their own.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk at night. The storm is in and it finally began to rain shortly after this photo was taken.


2 comments on “>James Durbin Day in Santa Cruz

  1. dogsmom says:

    >James is a winner regardless of public vote.I know we will hear more from him and watch his rise to greater fame.I hope the celebrity does not take a tragic toll on his sweet family.

  2. Chris says:

    >Thanks for sharing this at Us and Them! Chris

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