>Antique Postcards

>Hey Everyone!

Part of my garage sale scores this weekend include 33 antique postcards, some are blank and some are written on, stamped and postmarked! Here are my favorites:

This beautiful Andalusian dancer’s dress is embroidered right onto the postcard.
This one is from 1903. Mr. Paul Biersach is wondering why his wife hasn’t written……now I’m curious too.
Can you see the 1903 postmark?
George Wilcox wrote to his friend Evelyn…
…101 days before he died in the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Russian valentine. I can totally understand how this boy feels.

I can’t wait to show you some more! I am always fascinated by these personal little snippets of history.


4 comments on “>Antique Postcards

  1. >I love these sort of things too. I often buy second hand books and love it when I find things between the pages – letters, old adverts, all sorts of things used as bookmarks. Even shopping lists from 30 years ago are so interesting!

  2. >Cool post cards. How do you know George Wilcox died in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

  3. dogsmom says:

    >I never find postcards at garage and yard sales anymore. They are highly sought at auctions and I can't touch an antique dealers price.They just make one yearn for simpler times.

  4. Chris says:

    >These are very pretty! Thank you for sharing at Us and Them! Hope to see ya back next week. Chris

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