>Upcycled Dining Set For Patio

>If you have spent any time on this blog you might have seen my patio furniture. It is a set that was popular in the ’90s. Well, the ’90s are over and I needed some patio furniture. All I did was sand the wood parts and spray paint.  In funky colors! I chose the colors because they remind me of drinking margaritas at a Mexican restaurant.

Here is the before:

The legs were already off the table from storage.

And the after:

Aren’t they cheerful?

The chairs aren’t the most comfy…

…so I have memory foam seat cushions in the plans.

* 5/31/11 – Update: This should go without sayin’ but I don’t always pay attention to my instincts….Don’t leave this out in the rain. The pressboard under the tiles swelled up and cracked the wood. OOPS!!


10 comments on “>Upcycled Dining Set For Patio

  1. >Oh I love it! So cheery and fun. Great job.

  2. Lesley says:

    >I remember on Friends, Monica had similar chairs in a bunch of fun colors and I was always jealous. Now I'm jealous of you. 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    >*Gasp* I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Especially for an outdoor space, which are always neglected in my neighborhood. As Jenn said, it's just so cheerful! I can just imagine having a summer BBQ with good friends and good wine out there. Great job!!

  4. >LOVE it!! I like how bright, colorful, and totally cheery the set is. I'm definitely copying you when I get a new set – hopefully soon!Cheers,Tracy

  5. Sandy Ang says:

    >love the colourful makeover !

  6. >Oh that looks WONDERFUL! I love all the different colors and especially the green on the table!

  7. >What a great transformation! You are awesome!

  8. >Love all the different colors!

  9. >great idea they turned out so cute…

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