>Amazon Associates Contracts Terminated in California

>Okay, I have been living with my head in the sand. I have been so busy that keeping up with news of any sort is very, very low (non-existent) on my priority list. So, yesterday, when I was getting emails from Amazon about associate relationships with Californians I was surprised. Today its official. Our governor signed a bill to allow  “the state’s tax board to collect sales tax from online retailers that have relationships with an affiliate.”

Wow. This is the first I’d heard of this. So Amazon and Overstock have said “Nuh-uh” and have terminated affiliate relationships with Californians. I know, California is not the first and only state to have this happen. Personally, I haven’t had any luck with the affiliate route. I’ve made a couple of dollars from google but not enough to have even received a check yet. So, my own fiscal impact is nothing.  But, damn! I’ve also lost any future potential.

What I don’t understand is why the home state of Silicon Valley is so backward in its thinking?
They already make it difficult to conduct business in this state (factories have been fleeing for years). California is crying foul because when we make an online purchase, we don’t pay sales tax (unless purchasing from a retailer based in California). We are supposed to claim these on our tax returns so that we can pay this tax later on. No one does. Seriously, California, why would I help you to rape me? Again and again? The same dollar gets taxed so many freakin’ times already.

Oh well. Buh-bye Amazon. I will still shop you. I totally support your decision. Why should you be mixed up in our mess? Oh, and for the record – I did not vote for Jerry Brown. Why would anyone think that a ’70’s throwback could fix this 21st century mess that we’re in now?

>Zebra Handbag

>Hey Everyone! I was having some fun with an old sheet, an old denim dress and some Heat and Bond. Oh, and a zebra print velvet top and some nylon rope. When I write this out, it sounds like a bad game show.  “What can you make from these objects?” I’m glad that the end result doesn’t sound as bad…..

I’m sure that I took photos of the before clothes. But it’s, like, 11pm so I am not going to go searching through my memory cards for the photos. Just imagine a very large, dowdy, mid-calf length, 90’s style dress and that is what I started with. And, a velvet zebra print, sort of an A shaped plus sized top. Here is the handbag broken down. I used the sheet to line the bag, denim for the outside and the nylon rope for the handles.

I knotted the rope and burned the end so that it won’t fray. The straps are held with part of the sleeve from the old dress.

Here is the back side. This bag was inspired by a bag that my mom gave me for my birthday. That bag used cotton rope. I just thought that the nylon felt soft and the ends melt under a flame. I might be a bit of a pyro…..

Lined with a light brown sheet. 100% cotton.

Here is the zebra! Isn’t it so cute? I attached it with some Heat and Bond.

The bag. I like the simplicity and I love zebras.

>Super Awesome Thrift Store Sale

>I should be ashamed. I have no idea the name of the thrift store I went to this afternoon. It is “something or other ReStore”. And, no, its not Habitat for Humanity. Anyway, its a cute place right here in my town. Its little but it has furniture, clothing, a bit of jewelry and some crafty stuff. I went in today because I just had to look to see if they still had the bias tape that I had seen (and not purchased at 50% off). I passed it up then needed it like, the very next day. Figures. Good thing I waited. Today they were offering any red, white or blue colored items for 75% off.

Say What?? 
75% off?

Holy cow! Grab a basket STAT! So, I got a ridiculous amount of bias tape. All of the red, white and blue colors and a few others (which were still 50% off).

And also a ridiculous amount of baby clothing. No, I am not having a baby (and hoping I didn’t just jinx myself here). I did a google search to find out what people have the most luck with on Ebay. Used baby clothes seem to be a top seller, the article said that lots of people purchase from garage sales and re-sell on Ebay. So, we will see how this experiment goes. I am going to try to hit some garage sales this weekend and see about getting some more so that I can have some better lots. Those big lots seem to be the ones that move the best.

The whole pile of baby clothes.

I love this little girl’s dress.

Isn’t this the cutest set? I didn’t realized that these pieces went together until I got home. They were sold separately.

This is such an adorable Ralph Lauren dress.
Hehe, don’t bother me 😉

All of this was scored for $30 and some change.

>Show and Share Sunday

>Happy Sunday! What have you all been up to? Right this second I am eating potato salad left over from a small beach party I went to yesterday. We had so much fun and the weather was so pleasant and beautiful, a nice departure from the heat that we have had at my house this week.
Here is how the day went: Chris and I first went to “Woodies on the Wharf”, a classic car show showing only (you guessed it) woodies. You don’t even have to be a crazy car buff to enjoy these, the nostalgia and hint of old-timey surf culture was fun and exciting.

“Woodies on the Wharf”. These cars all pre-date 1950.
Surfin’ U.S.A.!

This little cutie was polishing her own woodie. Her daddy took her and her little brother out for a ride in the mini woodie after she was done with her polish job.

They are all so beautiful.

Now for a couple of artsy-fartsy photos.

And then it was off to Rio Del Mar Beach (in Aptos, California) where we met up with another couple that we like to hang with…..

Rio Del Mar. We all thought that this bigger piece of wood looked just like a pirate treasure chest.

Rio Del Mar. When the rivers run out of the mountains and spill into the ocean they bring a lot of deadwood from the forest and deposit it into the ocean. The tides wash this wood back onto the beach. So, there is lots of driftwood to play with! Someone built this little fort and left it. I love the “eye” on the wood.

 It was a good day with good food, good convo with friends and beautiful weather.

Now its your turn, show me what ya got! Show me your successes, your failures, cool projects and finds, this is the place! Please link only your specific post and anything goes. And, please grab a button and display it somewhere. I still get a giggle when I go to your blog and see my button there 🙂


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>Girls Jeans Skirt

>Hey Everyone!
I was going through my stash of denim and I found a darling pair of jeans that my girl had long grown out of. The adorable back pockets made me think of a skirt that I had recently thrifted. I figured that this would be an excellent time to finally try out my new ruffler for the sewing machine. There is no tutorial because this was really an experiment for me. It worked so well that I will make a tute for the next one.

The original skirt. Don’t ya love the paisleys?

I first cut the legs off the jeans and straightened the cut. I then ruffled the bottom layer and sewed it onto the denim.

Don’t these colors just go so well together?

I ruffled the top layer then topstitched it onto the skirt, adding that black ribbon detail at the same time.

The skirt is full enough for twirling.

Hehe, I like this so much maybe I should make one in my size  😉

>Lavender Plants and Wiener Spray


I have been wanting to plant lavender in my front yard for a while now. A few different varieties, I think. Imagine – lavender tea, lavender ice cream, lavender sachets.

If I plant lavender in my front yard my house will magically look this good. Right?

Here is another thing I use lavender for in my house. Mix about 20-25 drops into a spray bottle full of water. I like to spray this onto my bed linens about 30 minutes before bed, its so relaxing. That’s the more “romantic” use for what I call wiener spray. Wiener spray, you ask? Of my three dogs, two are males and they like to mark around the house (less politely, they like to lift their legs and pee on my stuff). No bueno!! A trainer once told me of the lavender trick and I tried it but it didn’t work for me that time. I have now discovered that if I follow the routine every day it actually does work. Even for my stubborn bone-heads. The routine is this: spray the dog’s bellies (aka, their wieners) then go around the house and spray everything that they like to pee on. (The idea here is that they will already smell “themselves” and think that they have already marked that area.) In my house this is everything below knee level. So every morning I spray the entire inside perimeter of the house and all of the furniture. Actually its not as time consuming as it seems. Takes me all of about three minutes. Now we are a happy family which includes two dogs who are again allowed to walk freely through the house. And, I can hang draperies again.

Murphy. Do you see that little spot on his bottom lip? Its cat litter. Just because he no longer pees doesn’t mean that he isn’t still naughty in other ways…..

This is Rusty with his very bad haircut. Yes, I am too cheap to take him somewhere for a real grooming.

>Another Day of Working From Home

> Hey Everyone! Whoo-whee, this final day of spring was a warm one here. And tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. I was very uncomfortable when I was outside today taking photos. Tomorrow maybe I’ll work from inside the pool 😉
Yesterday I found a postage scale at Walmart. I totally needed this tool so that I can know how much to charge for shipping when I list on Etsy or Ebay.
Speaking of Ebay, I found this cool feature, Ebay to go. I had to do a search to find this but once I did find it I was pleased at how easy it is to use! BTW, I am not doing a paid advertisement for Ebay. I was not in any way contacted by them. (I can be bought though! Hello? Ebay?)

How cool is this, right? And, yes, I am selling this silver plate flatware and the bracelet. And making my own storage bags from thrifted velvet. Fun stuff!